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18 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for Food Lovers

You can be the next Gordon Ramsay in just a few minutes.

18 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for Food Lovers
Do you love eating but not the idea of cooking? Especially when it comes to prepping and the cleaning up part? Not to worry, you’re just like us, lazy sloths who demand to be loved and fed all the time. But after discovering some of these cool, sleek kitchen inventions, we’re probably sold to the idea of cooking. Now, there’s this constant urge of wanting to cook and going kitchenware shopping. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself. But let us warn you, you will go through a life-changing experience at the end of this article.

Pasta Spoon and Timer

Image: Twitter
After this photo of a pasta spoon went viral on Twitter, we’re pretty much confident we won’t be cooking for the whole kampung ever again after knowing how much pasta is needed if you’re eating alone.

Image: Vacu Vin
The pasta spoon is designed to help you measure one portion of spaghetti, time it, and scoop it up once it’s ready. The digital timer is placed in the handle of the spoon so that you’ll always be aware of how many minutes left and you’ll never burn another pot of spaghetti ever again (based on our past experience).

Where to buy: Lazada for RM114.32.

Flexible Chopping Board

Have you ever faced problems while chopping fruits, meat, and especially vegetable while cooking? Oh you know, that annoying part whereby you need to drop it in the pan and all your herbs start flying off in different directions and NOT into the pan. Now, with this awesome chopping board, you no longer have to fuss about it. After chopping your chicken, fruits, or herbs what not, just fold the sides of the board to turn it into a chute and directly drop them in a pan without any worries! Isn’t it amazing? The boards also comes in three sizes – mini, small, and large.

Where to buy: Lazada's price starts from RM122 or you can get it from Joseph Joseph, their price starts from £9.50 (RM56.49)

Rocker Garlic Crusher

This garlic crusher will rock your world! You no longer have to worry about your hands smelling like garlic or screwing up your food prepping with this tool. By just using some downward pressure and a ‘rocking’ motion, garlic cloves are seamlessly crushed through its meshed holes. Now, this is a tool we don’t mind working with for hours.

Where to buy: Lazada (RM94) or Joseph Joseph for £12 (RM71.35)

Lotus Folding Steamer Basket

A folding steamer basket shaped like a lotus? What in the world is THAT?! Well my friends, it’s time to step up your cooking game. This steamer basket is designed to help take out your steamed food conveniently without the fear of scaling your hands. Plus, you gotta admit that it kinda looks cool when you take it out of the pot and it blooms into a lotus. 

Where to buy: Joseph Joseph for £13 (RM77.29) or at Lazada for as low as RM22.

Pineapple Slicer & Wedger

What if we told you that you’d be able to peel, core and slice a pineapple in just 30 seconds? Sounds impossible no? The future is here guys, everything is now possible. Imagine all the amazing stuff you can do with pineapples after this, especially with the empty body. You can serve salads or pineapple fried rice in it, the sky’s the limit. The wedger is also very convenient as it help cut the it into equal parts in just one movement.  

Where to buy: Lazada for RM186.30 or at Amazon for USD 21.50 (RM86.35).

Rotary Peeler

Who needs three different peelers when you can get all of them in one awesome tool? Just simply rotate the blades to choose your preferred blade and you’re set for some easy peeling. The three blades are standard, serrated or julienne. The casing is also easy to open so that you can clean them without any hassle!

Where to buy: Lazada for RM119 or Joseph Joseph £14 (RM83.24).

Microwave Egg Poacher

Poached eggs can be a mess especially when you keep on failing after each attempt. Now, you no longer rocket science to figure out how to get the right consistency and timing because the microwave egg poacher is here! Just break some eggs, pour some water, pop it in the oven and voila! What an egg-citing way to cook poached eggs, huh?

Where to buy: Joseph Joseph for £10 (RM59.45) or Lazada which also sells them in cute heart shaped ones for only RM19.

Tabletop Spiralizer

No other words can describe this tool except you have to get it now! Look how perfect it’ll be when it comes to making salads, vege noodles, garnishes, or even desserts! 

Where to buy: Sur La Table for $39.95 (RM160.67) or Lazada for RM98.55.

Citrus Spray

Nope, we’re not talking about the mass-produced bottled citrus spray that you can find in the supermarket, but an actual citrus spray straight from an actual fruit in its own original form. How you may ask? This tool can be smoothly inserted in any citrus fruit – lemon, lime, orange, etc., and it will help squeeze the juice directly from the fruit to help prevent the loss of vitamins and the oxidization of the juice. Instead of using it for cooking, you can also use it as your beauty supply! This one tool that’ll definitely not only help you in the kitchen but also helps you feelin’ fresh all day. 

Where to buy: Lekue £5.15 (RM30.51) but they don’t ship to Malaysia, so you can alternatively purchase it at Lazada for a similar item for only RM9!

Egg Yolk Separator

If you’re just like us who keeps on failing when it comes to separating egg yolks, then this is an absolute lifesaver! Just squeeze this cute bulb, and it’ll suck up the egg yolk and keeping it intact. Now, if only there’s a similar item that we could easily use to remove the people we don’t like from our lives…

Where to buy: Sur La Table for $6.95 (RM27.86) or at Lazada for RM14.

Twistable Whisk

When you thought you’ve seen every whisk ever invented…think again. This whisk can be transformed from a flat whisk to a balloon whisk with just a twist. It’s also easy to dismantle for cleaning and the best part about it, it saves up so much space in your drawers. If we were given the chance to use this whisk, we’d probably spend half of the time in the kitchen just by playing the twisting feature. 

Where to buy: Joseph Joseph or Lazada for RM59.

Food Huggers

Just like you, your food need hugs too. You know how annoying some fruits and vegetables can be when they become all oxidized after cutting into it? These huggers will tightly seal your fruits and veges by wrapping around the exposed part. Besides using it for your cooking ingredients, you can also use it to close lids or jars. Now that’s an awesome 2-in-1 combo.

Where to buy: Sur La Table for $9.95 (RM40.26) or Amazon for $11.92 (RM48.23). You can also get it from Lazada for RM49.30.

Corn Stripper

This corn stripper will literally strip your corn into its bare form. The container will conveniently catch all the corn kernels as the blade glides through the cob. Now, did anyone mention a nice, warm, corn in a cup?

Where to buy: Amazon for $13.95 (RM56.44) or Lazada for RM15.

8 in 1 bottle

Usually we’ll hear deals such as “buy one get one free” or “buy two get one free”. But what if we told you that if you buy one bottle, you’ll get EIGHT multipurpose items in it? Yes, such a steal! This fun bottle has eight parts to it – a funnel, a lemon squeezer, a spice grater, an egg masher, a cheese grater, a cap opener, an egg separator, and a graduated measuring cup. This will definitely save up so much space in your kitchen cabinet which makes it very convenient for small kitchens.

Where to buy: Casa Bento £16.39 (RM95.58) or Lazada for RM20.

Potato Chip Maker

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to make your own chips! After seeing how easy and fast it takes to make our own chips, we’re now running to the store to get one. 

Where to buy: Casa Bento £9.97 (RM58.14) or Lazada for RM19.30.

Electric Lunch Box

Nothing can compare with hot, steaming, home cooked food especially when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle. But how does one keep their food warm after a few hours? Have you heard about the electric lunch box? This lunch box can not only help store your food but also help warm it up. Isn’t it perfect especially when you’re travelling in cold weather?

Where to buy: Lazada for RM47.70.

Foldable Colander

This colander is one of our #kitchengoals. It’s flexible, durable, and meets its purpose.  The colander can fold up into 10% of its normal size. How amazing is that?! The colander will not only strain away excess water, it'll also strain away all your storage woes. In fact, you probably won’t store it because you’d be too excited to show it off to your friends and family.

Where to buy: RMDLO for £25 (RM145.79) or from Lazada for RM41.

Pizza Scissors

If you’ve failed at cutting cake, chances are you’ll fail at cutting pizza as well. Because we’re positively sure that everyone loves pizza, this is one of the compulsory items you need to have in your kitchen. Say goodbye to knives or pizza rollers, you can easily cut it and serve it without burning your fingers or messing up the toppings. 

Where to buy: Lazada for RM47.52.