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Starbucks Malaysia Is Giving Away FREE Frappuccino Drinks On September 8th

“There’s no such thing as too much coffee now!” – every coffee addict.

Starbucks Malaysia Is Giving Away FREE Frappuccino Drinks On September 8th
Original Image: Starbucks
Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of waking up to freshly brewed coffee to awaken your senses. And when lunch time arrives, you can’t wait to sip on a cup of ice-blended coffee to help cool you down from the scorching heat. As you head back to work, you make another cup of hot coffee to accompany you while you finish up your duties. Feeling pretty much jovial and energized getting off from work, you think to yourself “there’s no such thing as too much coffee” and decide that it’s a good time to unwind and have another cup of coffee. Your anti-coffee friends start to shake their heads in disbelief over your coffee intake. Well, does this sound all too familiar to you? If it is, chances are, you’re addicted to coffee!

Your addiction might pay off after all as we’ve got some good news for you. To help further fuel your coffee obsession, Starbucks Malaysia is giving away free Frappuccino drinks tomorrow! This giveaway is in conjunction with Kosmo!’s 12-year anniversary. Kosmo!’s Managing Branding Executive, Mohd. Fikri Hamdan, says that this initiative is carried out “as a token of appreciation and gratitude towards our loyal readers.”

Image: Starbucks Malaysia
So, how can you get your hands on the free Frappuccino drinks? All you have to do is get a copy of Kosmo! on September 8th and cut out the “Buy 1 Free 1” coupon from the front page of newspaper. You can then redeem your drink at over 220 Starbucks outlets across Malaysia including Starbucks Drive-Thru outlets except in Sunway Lagoon and Genting Highlands.

Image: Kosmo!
Among the favourite Frappuccino variations that will be available tomorrow are Mango Passion Fruit Frappuccino, Java Chip Frappuccino and Chocolate Cream Frappuccino. The price for each drink starts from RM15.90 and will be sold in three standard sizes of Tall (small), Grande (medium), and Venti (large). Please note that this coupon is only valid on 8th September from 5pm to 8pm and cannot be used with any other discounts or promotions.

We foresee a long line forming at the strike of 5pm tomorrow, so good luck coffee addicts! May the caffeine be with you.

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