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This Umbrella Is The ONLY Umbrella Every Malaysian Will Ever Need

It’s so awesome that you’d actually wish it would rain every day!

This Umbrella Is The ONLY Umbrella Every Malaysian Will Ever Need
Image: Brollied and Blunt
As a Malaysian, you’d know by now how our weather is like – wet and humid all year round. Of course, with the exception of a few scorching hot sunny days or the dreaded haze. We’re convinced that every Malaysian has experienced some sort of frustration at least once in their life when the monsoon season arrives.The times when strong winds and heavy downpour prevail will make you feel like staying in but if you’re out and about, the most common scenario you're bound to see will always be people struggling with their umbrellas. The exasperation reaches its climax when the umbrella eventually turns inside out and snap or even worse, blown away by the strong wind.

Well, two Kiwis have come up with a brilliant invention and helped put a stop to all of our rainy struggles. Design engineer and entrepreneur Greig Brebner and Scott Kington founded Blunt umbrellas back in 2009. The idea to create this life-changing umbrella appeared in 1999 when Brebner was walking in London and it started drizzling. The miniscule water droplets eventually turned into a heavy downpour, and Brebner who was standing at 1.9m tall was struggling to avoid hundreds of sharp umbrella ends hurled at him. In the end, one of the passers-by’s umbrella was blown inside out and almost took his eye out. He went home frustrated and decided that he would put an end to this matter once and for all.

Image: The Star

Image: Blunt
Years later, Blunt eventually became an award-winning umbrella for its innovative design and function. Conventional umbrellas have a major flaw of using fabric or material that’s not highly durable, causing them to end up getting ripped or causing the tip to come off from its structure. When this happens, the umbrellas will end up in landfills. To combat the throwaway culture of these broken umbrellas, Blunt uses revolutionary canopies, radial tensioning system, fiberglass ribs, aerodynamic handling, and wind tunnel testing, and also storm-resistant technology that can withstand winds up to 50mph! Not only that, the tips are pointless so you don't have to worry about accidently poking someone's eye out.

Don’t believe it? National Geographic put the umbrella to test to prove its capability.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET) has previously recorded the highest daily wind speed of 3.8 m/s and in Johor and the highest wind speed ever in history of 41.7 m/s in Kuching, Sarawak, in 1992. Based on this data, we know that Blunt umbrellas will be the perfect fit for our Malaysian weather. At last, an umbrella that we could actually count on to provide us with the protection we need during one of those windblown, stormy days. Storms, typhoons, rainy days, sunny days, we’re now all ready for you!

This umbrella has also attracted the attention of New Zealand fashion label, Karen Walker and prompted a collaboration between the two brands earlier this year. When asked why an umbrella was chosen for a collaboration, the designer told Harper’s Bazaar Australia:

“I love utility and practicality and always look for the best possible design when selecting an item that, at its core, is all about functionality. I think that Blunt Umbrellas are the best out there, and I loved the idea of adding our aesthetic to a perfect utility item.”

Image: Karen Walker
Image: Karen Walker
Blunt umbrellas are priced upwards of RM250 each and come with a two-year warranty. Despite the hefty price tag, we think that it’s a lifetime investment that actually pays off. Plus, the sleek, chic design will make you wish it rained all day!

The umbrellas will be sold at selected retails stores soon but if you’re eager to be the first to get your hands on this innovative umbrella, you can pre-order them here.

Image: Blunt