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Review Round-up: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Does the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge sour or suck? The tech reviewers tell us.

Review Round-up: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
An app drawer on the side of an app drawer in the middle because app drawers. (Image: Samsung Pressroom
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Malaysia
Image Credit : Samsung Pressroom

Sorry Malaysia, you’re not getting the Samsung Galaxy S7. You’re only getting the more expensive Galaxy S7 Edge. Maybe they were trying to Edge-out internal competition. Not sure if only one phone will give them an Edge, but we’re at the Edge of our seats waiting for it to be released. While we wait on the Edge of tomorrow, we’ve collated what all the major players on the net are saying before we can get our word on it Edgewise. Edgy. 

The Verge 9.1/10

The S7 and S7 Edge aren’t perfect — the software still lags behind the hardware — but they get the basics right: great screens, great cameras, great performance, and reliable battery life. They also have eye-catching designs and premium materials — in the Android world, the level of polish is unmatched. The S7 Edge is the clear standout between the two models.


The Galaxy S7 Edge has a gorgeous larger curved screen and larger battery than the otherwise identical standard S7. It really is something special. The extra navigation tools can be useful when used judiciously. When you pile on these extra navigation tools, they slow you down rather than speed you up. It's pricier than other good phones.


This year's Galaxy S7 Edge is what Samsung's Edge family should have been from the beginning. It combines first-rate horsepower (and the occasional hiccup) with a gorgeous display, all wrapped in an attractive package. The thing is, the Edge's big draw is still its striking design: The software that tries to take advantage of the curved screen still feels gimmicky.
S7 Edge Specs


To that end, the S7 Edge is bigger and bolder than ever before. It takes the best smartphone you can buy and dolls it up that bit extra. This flagship Galaxy is rocking a larger screen and battery than its cheaper cousin, and you can do even more with its audacious curves.


Whether you value the premium glass and aluminium chassis, the high-end specs, or the outstanding camera. This smartphone has it all.Expandable storage and waterproofing, back from the S5, are also big bonuses, and all of this shows that Samsung has really listened to customer complaints about the S6. It’s not perfect – the casing is a fingerprint magnet and TouchWiz still isn’t perfect. But the pros far outweigh the cons.

Digital Trends

The S7 Edge is a good buy that we’d heartily recommend to anyone who’s rocking a phone that’s at least two years old. If you scorned the S6 for its lack of water resistance and MicroSD card, they you’ll be happy with this year’s model. Samsung fans upgrading from the Galaxy S5 or S4 will see marked improvements in the processor, camera, and screen quality. Clean freaks and germaphobes will hate the fingerprint problem, but if you pop a case on it, you’ll be fine

Based on the reviews, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge seems to have addressed a lot of the criticism of its predecessors and has done a fair amount to turn the curved screen from novelty to necessity. If you like your phone with a positive body image (read: curvy) then it's yours for RM3,099. You can also edge around that price and get it for cheap-ish through a phone plan at Maxis, Digi, and Celcom