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This Couple Is Making Heads Turn in PJ!

They are two out of 200 white tigers left in this world.

This Couple Is Making Heads Turn in PJ!
Image: Sunway Lagoon
It's not everyday that you get to bask in the presence of two majestic beings such as these... especially when there are only 200 in this world

Meet Samson and Asha, two White Tigers--previously from an animal sanctuary in South Africa--who now call Sunway Lagoon's Wildlife Park home. The white-haired blue-eyed duo stand at between 200 to 230kg and are close to 3m in length.

According to Mr Krishnan, the Manager of Sunway Lagoon's Wildlife Park, Samson is pleasant to work with while Asha, like most of us, can get a tad bit grumpy in the morning. Keeping their stomachs satisfied is a tall order too. On top of health supplements, they are fed with 7kg of meat per meal, and to keep their diet from getting too boring, they are given a mix of mutton, beef, buffalo meat as well as poultry. #LivingTheGoodLife

Image: Sunway Lagoon
Joining Sunway Lagoon's big cats' family (which already comprises of white lions Zola and Zuri, and black panthers), the furry, ice-cold beauties will serve as ambassadors of sorts for the theme park's Wildlife Educational Program. General Manager of Sunway Lagoon, Sean Choo, believes Samson and Asha will be a great extension to the program. Priced at RM43 for adults and RM33 for children, participants of the Wildlife Education Program will get to observe these furocious felines plus particpate in animal feeding sessions amongst other activities.

Everybody say hello to Samson (Image: Rojak Daily)

Did You Know?

#1 White tigers aren't albinos. They are merely born with leucism. This one-in-10,000 condition happens when there is a lack of pigment in their fur, leading to a distinctive white-and-black coat and blue eyes.

#2 Since there aren't many white tigers to begin with, they are often prone to in-breeding by selfish individuals. This causes various health problems including crossed eyes and cleft palates.

#3 According to historical records, the white tiger, a variant of the Bengal tiger, was first recorded in India between 1556 and 1605.

#4 In 1915, a white tiger--eventually named Mohan--was captured from the wild by a Maharaja and kept in his palace. Every white tiger available today is a descendant of Mohan.

Image: Sunway Lagoon

Give Your Best Roar and Win A Wildlife Education Program Worth RM3,000!

To celebrate the arrival of Samson and Asha, Sunway Lagoon is hosting a "Roar Like the Big and Mighty Cats" contest, where school children are required to submit a 15 to 20-second-long video of themselves mimicking the roar of a white tiger. The most creative video will win a Wildlife Educational Program for the entire classroom that the children represent!

The contest runs between now and 10 September. For more information, click here.