Girl Wants RM85 Watch, Offers Seller RM40, Got It For Free In The End

This is a heart-warming story.

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Girl Wants RM85 Watch, Offers Seller RM40, Got It For Free In The End

Such a heart-warming story.

Like Paulo Coelho once said: 'And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it'.

This was exactly what happened to a 12-year-old Malaysian girl.

An Instagram shop owner by the name of Khairul Amirin recently shared an amusing tale on his Twitter account.

According to Khairul, the girl had her eyes set on a watch that she really wanted, but she couldn’t afford it.

She messaged Khairul on Instagram, asking him to slash the price of his watch from RM85 to RM45. When Khairul refused, the girl said she will find another seller who can give her a better offer.

She later messaged him again, asking him to keep the watch for her.

As a seller, Khairul explained that he couldn’t do that, but he promised that if his business got better, he would buy her the watch himself.

To that, she replied,“Ok, I hope that business goes well, and when it does, don’t forget about your parents.”
Not expecting that answer, Khairul then advised her to study hard and think of her parents too.

She replied saying that she had gotten five As in her last test and will try her best to get six As next.

Her charms, spread through Khairul’s tweet posts, won his followers over so much, that one good-hearted Netizen actually bought the watch for her.
When Khairul tried to get the girl's contact number to relate the good news, she explained that she would not give her number out to strangers.

Khairul then managed to speak to her mother and told her the whole incident, and he finally got the address to deliver the watch.

Faith in Malaysians restored.

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