5 Quirky Must-Stay Hotels In Seoul That Should Be On Your Bucketlist

It’s a sign you should do some Seoul-searching soon!

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5 Quirky Must-Stay Hotels In Seoul That Should Be On Your Bucketlist

Which room tickles your fancy?

If you’re looking forward to taking a break or for the next public holiday, you’ll definitely enjoy the month of August and September this year.

Malaysians will be ‘treated’ to a series of public holidays almost every week, which means that it’s the perfect time to plan that long overdue vacation.

And if you’ve been eyeing Seoul as a vacation destination for a while now but haven’t figured out where to stay, fret not because we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top five unique (and super Instagrammable!) hotels you should stay at in Seoul, South Korea.

#1 Hotel The Designers

Nature lovers will definitely fall in love with this room.A rustic take on one of their rooms.
Hotel The Designers may sound like some high-end fancy designer hotel but in reality, it’s a chain of modern and chic hotels designed by a bunch of artists (designers, celebrities, etc.). You can find their hotels in several areas such as in Samseong, Dongdaemun, Jongno, Incheon, Seoul Station, and many more. Each hotel has a different aesthetic layout and design for every room. Staying here is like playing design roulette; you’ll never know which room you’ll be getting!

#2 Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel

Such a unique lobby.All-white with a pop of colour.
Your eyes and Instagram feed will be pleased the minute you book your stay at this hotel. Each room features a unique wall mural painted against pure white walls, making your room standout. So, if you’re a minimalist at heart but don’t mind a pop of colour, this is the place to be. The one feature that this hotel has that its competitors don’t is the super-cool swings installed in the hotel lobby for you to play around with.

#3 Sotetsu Hotels The Splaisir Seoul Myeongdong

An explosion of LINE Friends.
No Monday blues in this room.
LINE Friends fans, if you’re looking to elevate your Seoul-searching experience, book your stay at the Soteetsu Hotels The Splaisir Seoul in Myeongdong. It has a cute LINE-themed room that’ll just get the super fan in you all hyped up. The room and suite looks better than you can ever imagine – LINE pillows, deco, gigantic plushies, and even shower curtains! You’ll definitely sleep well in the LINE Friends heaven.

#4 Hotel Boutique 9

Monochrome fans, this room has your name written all over it.A pretty bathroom to match your dark soul.
We just love-love-love this hotel’s artsy take on its interior. From blanc et noir to cosy themed rooms, there’s something that’ll suit everyone’s cup of tea. If you’ve never slept on, let alone seen, a round-shaped bed, this hotel offers you that option for you to experience it. We also love its suite equipped with a spa bath so you can’t take a relaxing dip while enjoying the city view.

#5 L7 Hongdae by LOTTE

Just imagine yourself lazing around this rooftop pool.A cosy spot for you to lounge.
This hotel by LOTTE is not only located in one of the coolest districts in South Korea, it also has a scenic rooftop pool that your Instagram feed will thank you for. The cosy rooms will make you feel right at home. Not only will you get awesome views of the city from the comfort of your room, you can also enjoy the same views while dining.

Still hungry for more unique hotels? Well, we’ve found one that happens to be a place where spirits (read: ghosts) come to rest. You may not be able to visit it in real life, but it’s more accessible via the click of a button on the small screen – tvN’s brand new series 'Hotel Del Luna'!

Meet the cast of Hotel Del Luna.
‘Hotel Del Luna’ stars Lee Ji-eun and Yeo Jin-goo and tells the tale of Jang Man-wol, who’s cursed as she has been the CEO of Hotel Del Luna for 1,000 years. Her only way to break the curse it to find someone who has committed a sin worse than hers. Man-wol, however, struggles to remember her sin throughout the process.

The new K-series will premiere on tvN (Astro CH 395) on 13 Aug @9.50pm and is available on demand and Astro Go. Be sure to catch it!

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