Influencer Gets Backlash For Promoting Rabbit Farm That Has A Pink-Dyed Rabbit

Who dyes animals, anyway?!

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Influencer Gets Backlash For Promoting Rabbit Farm That Has A Pink-Dyed Rabbit
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Money over moral conscience?

Nowadays, if you wanted to become famous in a blink of an eye, all you have to do is go viral on social media, either for the right or the wrong reasons.

And today, a Malaysian influencer is receiving flak from netizens for all the wrong reasons.

Farah Hanim Razak, who’s also a TV presenter, recently visited the beautiful land of Sabah. During her trip, she stopped by a rabbit farm in Ranau.

Everything was fine until she posted a video on her Instagram that didn’t sit well with viewers, including us.

The video featured her holding a rabbit that has obviously been dyed in artificial magenta/pink colour at Arnab Village Ranau.

“It’s alive. Say hi to everybody!” Farah said while holding the rabbit.

She then asked someone how the rabbit became that shade and what breed it is, to which a person off-screen replied “ada teknik” (there’s a technique).

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how the rabbit got its pink shade because - spoilert alert! - shocking pink rabbits do not exist.

Her comment section was bombarded with followers calling her out for promoting animal abuse.

Nope, just NOPE.
“Animal cruelty at its finest!!! It’s not a patung. Stop treating it like it’s a toy!!!” user @ddivyapatell said.

“PLS DELETE THIS POST. THIS IS AN ANIMAL ABUSE. YOU SHOULD NOT BE PROMOTING THIS KIND OF ACT. ITS NOT CUTE ALL. Geez, pls dont just go promoting things out of money. Have some heart to the animals,” another user, @_staycatz commented.

@azieandri chimed in and said “Poor bunny. You should report to the authorities. This is not right. Please do not support this kind of action.”

Farah seemed unfazed by the comments as she hasn’t replied or addressed any of her followers’ concerns as of yet. The video is still up on her Instagram page despite calls for her to delete it.

What do you guys think of this act? One thing’s for sure, we strongly condemn any act of unethical treatment towards animals. We hope the authorities will come and rescue the poor bunnies.

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