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10 Malaysians Putting the Art in Artisanal Goods

These Malaysian businesses are turning art into serious business, putting beautiful designs first.

10 Malaysians Putting the Art in Artisanal Goods

Remember how you used to ignore those two art modules a week in primary school? Well, these people obviously didn’t – and they’re putting those skills to full use. Remember to bookmark this page in case you’re looking to get something Malaysian made and be sure to email us if you know of any deserving artisan in Malaysia waiting to be discovered.

1. Shaun Teo Creations

Image: Shaun Teo

Shaun Teo is a visionary that turns flour, cream, and eggs into works of art. More specifically, he designs cakes for any need you may have. His designs are intricate, often incorporating macaroons, flowers, and other edible details. If you’ve got a birthday, wedding, anniversary or Tuesday coming up, he’s your man to deliver boss cakes every time.

Get in touch 016 718 8291

Instagram @shaunteocreations


2. Shuren Projects

Image: Shuren Projects

Established in 2012, the relatively indie sartorialists, Shurén Projects, was founded by Daniel Chow, Lim Theng Wei, Joe Koh, Kwan Pei Choong and Ho Shu Ren. They produce Noragis which are traditional Japanese jackets (or shirts, depending on who’s asking) that were once homemade, hand-stitched work clothing that were commonly made by Japanese housewives for their households. These minimalist jackets are made-to-order and can take up to 10 days to get them done and yes, they’re designed and sewn in Malaysia. If you’re wondering about street-cred, they’ve been featured in GQ’s British counterpart and you’ve seen them on runways at KLFW.


3. Moo.Nicholas

Image: Moo.Nicholas

Turning lumps of clay into adorable tiny tapirs and piglets is all in a day’s work for Nicholas Lim, a handmade clay and ceramics artist. His whimsical miniature animals have a distinctly childish charm about them and are given life through the dioramas he creates for each figurine. Nicholas Lim quit his full-time job in 2014 to focus on his clay products and will be opening his studio at Art Row in Publika where he will be selling his products as well as conduct workshops. He doesn’t accept custom designs, but he more than welcomes feedback and suggestions.

Instagram @moo.nicholas

Get in touch

4. Tiny Pinc Miniatures

Image: Tiny Pinc Miniatures

OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE LOOK AT THAT TINY PLATE OF CHAR KUEY TEOW! If that wasn’t enough, there’s a tiny ice kacang and tiny ang ku kueh on her page as well. Ling Hooi Yin the founder of Tiny Pinc Miniatures first got into the Apple business model of making big things smaller in 2010 when she discovered Polymer Clay. It is a full-time gig for Ling so find her online on Etsy, or join one of her classes to make miniature goodies of your own to support her large influence on miniature art. For commissions you can PM her on Facebook or email her at

Read about her here




5. Milly Milk Ville

Image: Milly Milk Ville

An illustrator with an inordinate amount of love for milk, Sharon Sen’s anthropomorphic animals and quirky line art style characters are delightfully off-beat and are must-haves for every art-lover’s collection. Her Etsy page is an eclectic collection of homemade items featuring her designs; from notebooks, cards and stickers, to assorted jewellery, magnets, and plaques. She’s also eco-conscious, making sure all the paper she uses are FSC certified, free from acid and chlorine with some being made of fully recycled paper. She uses biodegradable palm paper boxes for overseas shipping and if anything remains unsold after three years she upcycles them into other products.

Visit her webpage



6. Haha No Yume

Image: Haha No Yume

Japanese kimono inspired baby apparel maker Haha No Yume provides high quality baby kimonos made with imported Japanese cotton for children aged one month to four years old. As the fabric is handpicked from Osaka, Japan, each piece is limited in its quantity and unique in its design. They’re 100% designed in Malaysia and 3% of sales will go to under privileged children at the Shelter Home for Children and Dignity for Children organisations.




7. The Alphabet Press

Image: The Alphabet Press

They’re bringing letterpress back in a big way with on-point cards and bespoke premium business cards and wedding invitations. Officially they are a “… letterpress stationery company” but at the heart of the company lies artisans with a genuine love for print, art, and good design. Check out the work they’ve done on Instagram and get hooked on the age old tradition. Check out their site for their existing cards, notebooks, and other items, or read their guidelines and get started on a custom design.


Get in touch 012 288 9921 (Cliff)

8. Repleat

Image: Repleat

Designed by Malaysian mum Debbie Leung, these geometric plastic polypropylene bags are avant-garde, bold, and surprisingly, foldable (though not all of them). Available in eight styles of different sizes and colours, these handbags make a pretty loud statement with prices that start from USD122 (RM488) to USD172 (RM688). If origami, geometry, and pleats are your thing, you’ll want to pick one up today.



9. The Apothecary Malaysia

Image: The Apothecary Malaysia

Solid cologne is exactly that, cologne in solid form. Instead of spritzing cologne, The Apothecary prepares colognes in solid cube forms packed in bespoked tin cans. The pocket sized cologne comes in four scents for men and one for women. Named Colossus, Cornerstone, Hot Shot, Maverick, and Cleopatra respectively, they’re priced from RM59.90 for the basic scents, to RM161.70 for a bundle of three.  The Colossus and the Cleopatra are priced at RM75 each. Each tin is pocket sized so you can slip it in your pocket or in a bag in case you need to spruce yourself up before a meeting or a date. Application instructions are on their site.


Get in touch 016 995 6399 (Adrian)

10. Zoo For People

Image: Zoo For People

Touted as the hardware for gentlemen, Zoo For People was launched in 2014 and its mission statement is to provide accessories for men that are highly detailed and well designed. If you’re shopping to complement your Raya outfit, get yourself some Star Wars cufflinks or Lego shirt studs to show off your eye for detail. The founder, Sue Chan, has pledged to give a portion of Zoo For People’s profits to animal conservation and is ready to pour into the cause against illegal poaching and trading of wildlife in Asia. Also, they’ve got excellent knitted ties.


Get in touch 017 200 2804

Instagram @zooforpeople