If Clothes And Shoes Have Sizes, Why Not Sanitary Pads? Libresse Just Fixed That

Libresse introduces new range of pads to fit you better.

  • Thursday, 20 June 2019
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If Clothes And Shoes Have Sizes, Why Not Sanitary Pads? Libresse Just Fixed That

One size doesn't fit all but when it comes to sanitary pads; one size is all you can find. 

Hygiene company Libresse is looking to change this with the introduction of its new range of sanitary pads that cater to different body types and period flow. 

You can now choose Invisible Fit, Slim Fit, Maxi Fit and Long or Wide Fit - whichever is most comfortable for you. 

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There's even a quiz on Libresse's website to help you determine the best size. If you don't like quizzes, you can just go by your hip size. 

Vinda Group Southeast Asia Marketing Director Evelyn Chan said with decades of experience in innovating sanitary pads and liners, the company have had meaningful conversations with women about what worries them and what inspires them.

Evelyn Chan
"If you look at a woman’s body – all of us are a different size, with different curves and proportions. Understanding this, we know that one size does not fit all.

"This calls for a wider selection of pads with a customized range that comes with the right combination of thicknesses and lengths to provide the right fit and security based on her hip measurement, flow and preferences – this is the idea behind the ‘Get Your Fit’ Campaign," she explained. 

The product we found the most interesting was the Maximum Security Panties with Body Fit design.

It basically looks like a less bulkier version of diaper pants but anyone who've woken up in the middle of the night only to see red patches on their bedsheets that need immediate attention will be grateful to have it. 

We haven't tried it out so we're not sure how effective the new panties are, but we'll sure be giving it a try soon. 

The campaign is also supported by well-known female personalities Sharifah Amani and Filzah Awok, who were present at the launch of the product and shared their own experiences with period and the taboo surrounding the topic. 

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