Facebook Launches Dating Feature In Malaysia And Here's How It Works

Love can hurt but it doesn't have to cause you physical or financial harm.

  • Wednesday, 15 May 2019
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Facebook Launches Dating Feature In Malaysia And Here's How It Works

If you’re tired of the whole swiping and getting to know the most basic information about a person only to find that you don’t share any common interest, Facebook’s Dating feature is probably something you’d want to try.

The social media giant launched the feature in Malaysia earlier this month, making us the 19th country to have it.

Facebook Dating technical program manager Charmaine Hung said that currently, there are more than 200 million users who’ve listed their relationship status as single on the platform.

“Many of them already use Facebook to start meaningful relationships. We view this as an incredible opportunity to connect people should they choose to explore meaningful romantic relationships,” she said in a press statement.

Is Facebook where you'll finally find love?
Depending on how much you share on Facebook, the platform already knows more about you than your mother, best friends or even yourself.

It probably has a digital ‘voodoo doll’ version of you, and as such will be able to match with people who share similar interests as you.

If you’re worried about your friends and family finding out about your use of online dating apps, rest easy.

You have to create a separate profile for Dating. It’s still within the app, but sort of like on a new page.

No posts related to the Dating feature will be shared on your main profile, and you will not be matched with your existing friends unless you want to.

If you have a crush on anyone in your list but too afraid to make the first move, you can also list them as you ‘Secret Crush’ and they will be notified if, and only if, they also have listed you in their list.

You can choose up to nine people for this.

Safety First!

Facebook has several safety features in place, as well as a dedicated ‘safety tips’ page for those who opt to use Dating.

You must first have a Facebook account to be able to use the new feature, and your first and last name as well as age will be brought forward to the app.

So, no changing names or lying about your age! Unless the information on your main profile is already fake lah.

You can only send a single message to a match until they reply to avoid annoying spammers so make the message count.

The messages are also limited to text, so there are no chances of you receiving d*ck pics or other inappropriate images.

Be protected 

Data protection that applies to Facebook also applies to Dating but still, be careful about what you share online.

Considering the number of Facebook love scams the authorities have had to deal with, it comes as no surprise that The Royal Malaysia Police released a statement about the steps users should take to stay safe on the app.

The first is, of course, not to share any personal information such as your full name, financial information, address, telephone number, where you work or other details that could be misused.

“Block or report immediately if any individual asks for your personal information,” the police said in a statement released on social media platforms.

User are also urged to ignore any request for money, even in the form of donations.

Do not believe fully anything that a person you met through the Dating feature tells you and always do a background check if you’re going to meet a stranger.

If you’re meeting the person, you’re encouraged to inform family members and friends. Provide them with details of the meeting place and the time you’re expected back home.

Always meet in a crowded, public space and not a quiet place.

Wiktor Karkocha on Unsplash
You don’t want to have your head bashed in and your body hid in a bush or end up getting kidnapped.

The police also advised the public to cancel a meeting or not plan anything if you feel that it’s too early or if you feel unsafe.

“Our instincts can sometimes safe us,” the police said in the statement.

The admin of the PDRM page also jokingly asked those who use pictures of motorbikes or rims, how they expect the admin to get to know them through those pictures?

You should be just as skeptical as our men in blue when you interact with strangers. At least, till you can be sure all is safe and the person is really the love of your life. 

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