The Vans X ‘Harry Potter’ Collection Will Make You Say “Shut Up And Take My Galleons!”

BRB going to Gringotts.

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The Vans X ‘Harry Potter’ Collection Will Make You Say “Shut Up And Take My Galleons!”

We want them all!

Witches and wizards of the wizarding world, if there’s any news you should pay attention to, it’s this one.

If you happen to be looking for a new pair of kicks that embodies how much of a Potterhead you are, then get ready to grab this latest collaboration between Vans and ‘Harry Potter’.

The collection that’s bound to send fans emptying their Gringotts bank accounts will feature designs from all four Hogwarts houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, as well as a few iconic items such as the the Marauder’s Map and cut outs from the Daily Prophet newspaper.

A first glimpse at the 'Vans X Harry Potter' collection.
Some closeups of the shoes from the collection.
We want the Hufflepuff slip-on!
Among the Vans models that’ll be given a magical twist are the Sk8-Hi, Checkerboard Authentic, Era, and Slip-On.

Only a few photos have been released so far, so we don’t really know how the full collection looks like yet, including the apparel and accessories they have planned.

There’s no news of the release date as of yet, but we foresee it being released very soon.
You can sign up to their mailing list here to be the first to know when Vans X ‘Harry Potter’ will drop.

So, which one will you cop? We’re really digging the Hufflepuff slip-ons!

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