This Is The Most Expensive Piece Of Sh*t In The History Of The World

Comes with insurance.

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This Is The Most Expensive Piece Of Sh*t In The History Of The World
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Sorry if you just had lunch.

If you think your poop has no function and is literally worthless pieces of s*** , think again.

In 1972, excavation works in Bank Lioyds, United Kingdom zeroed in on an unusual finding that may just change your perception towards poop.

During the incident, a group of workers found an unrecognisable piece of fossil, which they passed on to archaeologists to be examined.

The piece of fossil was later confirmed as human faeces, believed to be deposited by a Viking about 1,300 years ago as historians believe the site was once inhabited by Vikings from Denmark.

Boy, we hope the workers scrubbed their hands after finding out about this.

It's more expensive than your car.
The piece of Viking poop was so well-preserved, that it retained its structure and was in a ‘good’ condition.

The renowned poop, which measured at 20cm long and 5cm wide, contained among others, bread and meat.

Paleoscatologists who examined the piece of poop also found that the depositor was also may have suffered from intestinal issues, as the poop had Whipworm and Maw-worm eggs, which would have caused stomach aches and other more unfortunate gastrointestinal symptoms.

Check this sh*t out.
What’s more interesting was the fact that the piece of poop is now worth USD39,000 (RM161,405) and it's fully covered by insurance.
Today, the historic poop, now known as the Lloyds Bank Coprolite (because we don't think the name 'Viking poop' is, umm, very enticing) is on display in the museum section of the Jorvik Viking Centre, so if you want to check out some historic poop, you know where to head to.

BRB guys, going to wash our hands.

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