'Harry Potter' Fans, You Can Now Stay In Hagrid's Cottage

There's a holiday retreat inspired by the giant's cottage.

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'Harry Potter' Fans, You Can Now Stay In Hagrid's Cottage

'Harry Potter' fans: here’s yet another magical place you need to visit especially if you’re a fan of the gentle giant, Hagrid.

There’s a holiday retreat inspired by Hagrid’s cottage in North Yorkshire, England - only much more luxurious - that you can stay in.

The only catch is, you’ll have to fly half-way across the world and spend about RM1,044 (£195) per night for a stay here.
Malaysian ringgit, why you so weak?
On the bright side, the place can fit up to six people (four adults and two kids) so you can plan and split the cost with other Potterhead friends.

The structure of the accommodation, named Ground Keeper’s Cottage, looks a little like the one in the 'Harry Potter' movies but the interior is far from the simple abode that Hagrid lives in.

Nevertheless, there are little touches of the magical world and Hagrid-style additions such as ink and quill, lanterns, old baskets and leather bags.
Isn't that absolutely adorable?
To us, the highlight of the cottage is its gorgeous, spacious, luxurious bathroom.

Given the chance, we’d spend hours in the bathroom luxuriating in the copper tub, indulging in a book (it’ll have to be 'Harry Potter', of course) and perhaps a glass of wine to complete the experience.

Can we have this bathroom in our homes, please?
The bathroom is attached to a circular bedroom that has a double bed and a bunk bed for kids. The interior is rustic and for some reason, reminded us of the Weasley’s home, The Burrows.

Just big enough for a group of four
The other sleeping area is basically a sofa bed in the hall that can fit two people.

A generous space, the living area is perfect to gather the squad in the evenings and have a game night or just hang out and chat.

There’s even a small fire place that adds cosy to spacious.

Take the time to chill in this cozy space
A kitchen area is attached to the living room, which comes with an oven, kettle, toaster and a fridge. There are even utensils that you could use. Just make sure you clean up after!

If all that is not magical enough, the whole of North Shire – the grounds where the cottage is located – is filled with accommodation inspired by fantasy books.

The place also boasts a hobbit-inspired building, story book cottage, Gypsy Wagon and more.

Whether you want a more comfortable stay in a stand-alone building, a somewhat less spacious caravan or luxurious tents, North Shire has it all.

What’s more, there are farm animals and plenty of green space for you to explore and enjoy.

'Harry Potter' fans, you can also have your ultimate themed wedding here.

Happily even after (geddit?)
With the backdrop of Hagrid’s cottage and sprawling green landscape, you’ll have the most magical wedding ever!

What is there to do here besides staying in an gorgeous place, you ask?

Well, the cottage is just a stone’s throw away from the North York Moors. There’s much to explore here – from historic sites to natural wonders – that’ll not only keep you occupied but also mesmerised.

Could we find peace here?
If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with plenty of options for activities that’ll keep you in touch with nature and history with a hint of bookish magic, this is the place for you! 

North Shire, if you’re reading this and want to invite us for a stay, we’re volunteer as tribute!

We know it's not Harry Potter, but this fits our emotions better

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