There's Now A Vertical TV You Can Buy To View Your Instagram/Snapchat Stories On

Is this even necessary…

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There's Now A Vertical TV You Can Buy To View Your Instagram/Snapchat Stories On

Is this invention a genius or naaah?

As we move forward into the digital age, more and more companies are creating new products to keep up with the trends, as well as the millennial generation.

We now have smart cars driving around without a driver, super-canggih refrigerators where you can use it to surf the internet, and all these technologies had us wondering what's next. 

Well, Samsung has created a new product we feel will cater to the influencer generation – a vertical TV just for your social media accounts.

Yes, you read that right. A new TV that challenges the norm of a TV we all know.

Horizontal to vertical within seconds.
During a recent press event in Seoul, Samsung launched the Sero flat screen TV which features a 43-inch display that users can rotate vertically - so that users could view TikTok videos, Snapchat clips, Instagram stories, and the likes.

According to Samsung, the Sero was designed to “encourage young people to project more of their smartphone content onto the TV by allowing it to go vertical” since most content nowadays are in vertical format.

The company says that the new TV will be ideal for big-screen mobile gaming, browsing photos from social networks, or visiting shopping sites together with multiple people.

Millennials be like:
If you think this is item is a fad that will be a white elephant in your house within months, fret not, as you can use it as a normal TV when rotated back horizontally.

Sero will be sold in South Korea at the end of May for 1.89 million Korean Won (RM6,693.34). No word yet if they will be selling it in Malaysia, but you'll be the first to know if they decide to release it here.

So, in the event that it’ll be available on our shores, will you be the first to cop it?

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