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Malaysians Are Going Nuts Over This Apartment

Obillique the interior design consultancy based in Singapore has made huge fans in Malaysia with their design.

Malaysians Are Going Nuts Over This Apartment
I never knew I had interior design goals till just this second.

Posted a mere 24 hours ago, the 1,000 sq ft house on the east coast of Singapore has been shared over five thousand times – and counting. And it's not hard to see why. Let's step in:

Any Asian person will recognise the humble/dodgy stairway of traditional apartments. Yeah, nice sign on the door, meh. 

Boom! Where the heck did all this space come from? 

The living room with customisable wall panel, island-style kitchen, and the dining area.

The kitchen is similarly open with an exhaust hood to extract fumes. We notice a lot of alcohol instead, which is nice. We hate/love the people living here already. 

The 'dining area' also doubles as an open space for work. It also helps that it's a corner unit with lots of windows that gives the illusion of space. 

A preview of the bedroom. Similarly minimalist with an Asian Zen influence. What's that room ahead? 

Hold-up... Is this a frickin' walk-in closet!? Look at all those shoes! Look at that... random... painting (?)

Plus a display for sunglasses and watches?! Yeah, we're officially jelly. There's even air-conditioning exclusively for this room. 

The cleansing ritual room. We can't even anymore. 

Obillique was established in Singapore in 2009 and works on various interior design projects with a focus on food and beverage chains. Visit them on Facebook at Obillique or hit up their website at All photos are credited to Bryan V Photography. You can visit his website here where you'll find two other properties worth salivating over.