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Buy A Book, Raise Asthma Awareness in Malaysia

The book in question is titled 'I Forget To Breathe' and is written by Dr. Sundari Ampikaipakan

Buy A Book, Raise Asthma Awareness in Malaysia
I Forget To Breathe by Dr. Sundari Ampikaipakan

The launch of the book is aimed to develop a new non-profit patient education and advocacy group, Asthma Malaysia, co-founded by the books author, Dr. Sundari Ampikaipakan and Dr. Helmy Haja Mydin, who are consultant respiratory physicians at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Asthma Malaysia aims to be a reliable and authoritative resource and guide for asthma patients, healthcare workers and the rakyat of Malaysia. 

Dr. Sundari Ampikaipakan's book is not about asthma, but she hopes it will raise its awareness.

The book of poetry, I Forget To Breathe is the creative expression of the breath-taking moments in the life of Dr.Sundari and each poem will be accompanied by original pencil illustrations by her childhood friend, illustrator Yeoh Yi-Piao

Illustrations by Yeoh Yi Pang from his blog.

The good doctor states that, "Asthma can be well controlled. With appropriate medical care, almost everyone with asthma can live a normal life." The book retails at RM40 and all proceeds go to setting up Asthma Malaysia, which will officially be launched in July 2016. If you'd like to donate to the cause or buy copies of the books or original artworks in the book you can contact Asthma Malaysia via Facebook at or Twitter at @asthmamalaysia and E-mail via