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Your Pokémon Trading Card Could Be Worth Over RM300,000!

It’s time to do some treasure hunting in your attic.

Your Pokémon Trading Card Could Be Worth Over RM300,000!
Original image: SWNS
Before the whole Pokémon phenomenon was resurrected thanks to their latest mobile game, Pokémon Go, everyone had an obsession with collecting Pokémon trading cards. Oh you know, those cards that you religiously kept tabs of and made sure it was stored in a safe, secret sanctuary away from your siblings. 

The cards didn’t have much value back then, it only managed to peak at USD$50 (RM203.45) the most and by the time we entered the 2000s, everyone seemed to have moved on to other games or interests. Ardent collectors of the trading cards were probably disappointed since not much people were playing these cards anymore and keeping them was the only best solution at that moment.

Well, let's just say your patience finally paid off and keeping them for a long term was kind of an investment. Pokémon fans will have something to smile about after the recent resurgence of the game which helped propel the value of these trading cards up to thousands of dollars. Yes, these cards now have up to a five-figure value. It’s time you do some scavenger hunting around the house – who knows you could make a fortune out of it. Don’t know which cards are worth what? We’ve got all the details for you.

Here are the top four Pokémon trading cards listed on eBay:

1998 Pikachu Illustration Card

Image: Supplied
This card is one of the rarest cards around; there are only 39 pieces of it in the world. It was reportedly awarded to 39 contestants in an illustration contest. Since Pikachu is one of the most popular characters from Pokémon, it’s no surprise that this card is dubbed as “the most valuable card” and it comes with a hefty price tagUSD $100,000 (RM406, 900).

2010 Pokémon Master’s Key Japanese National Champion Prize Card

Image: Supplied
This card was awarded to the top three contestants at the 2010 Japan World Championships. It’s currently listed for USD $9,999.95 (RM40, 689.80).

1999 Charizard 1st Edition

Image: Supplied
Cards marked with “1st edition” makes it even more valuable and rarer among all of the Pokémon trading cards. This 1st edition cards can fetch up to USD $7,950 (RM32, 348.55) on eBay.

1999 Blastoise 1st Edition

Image: Supplied
It’s also one of the most sought after 1st edition cards but it may not be as popular as Charizard’s. This card is worth USD $724.95 (RM2, 949.82) on eBay

You may be either excited or exasperated at the high amount that these sellers are selling their Pokémon trading cards for, but one thing’s for sure – these cards really do have serious buyers and they are worth big bucks.

Here are top 10 Pokémon trading cards that have sold on eBay previously:

1. Pikachu Illustration Card, $90,000 (RM366,210)
2. Torchic Holo Card and Toy, $10,000 (RM40,690)
3. Dark Dragonite 1st Edition Error Card, $9,999 (RM40,685.93)
4. Faded Marowak Error Card, $8,000 (RM32,552)
5. Tropical Mega Battle Prize Card, $8,000 (RM32,552)
6. Shadowless First 1st Edition Dragonair Error Card, $4,000 (RM16,276)
7. 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard, $3,650 (RM14,851.85)
8. 1st Edition Charizard Holo, $3,350 (RM13,631.15)
9. 1st Edition Charizard Holo, $3,050 (RM12,410.45)
10. Espeon, $3,000 (RM12,207)

So, what are you waiting for? Time to start planning your treasure hunt!