Hypebeasts, KFC’s New Streetwear Collection Is Truly ‘Hot And Spicy’

In other words, it’s LIT *insert fire emoji*

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Hypebeasts, KFC’s New Streetwear Collection Is Truly ‘Hot And Spicy’
We all know how amazing fried chicken is. In fact, if fried chicken was healthy in an alternate universe, we’d have it every single day!

And when it comes to fried chicken, there’s one restaurant we Malaysians love to frequent – KFC.

Apart from selling fried chicken, KFC has sold a lot of stuff in the past; some quirky, some highly questionable (read: KFC scented nail polish) and this time around, they’re back with something that’ll spice up your wardrobe.

KFC has collaborated with fashion designer NIGO of the brand Human Made and Hypemaker for a streetwear collection.

A sweater to give you heat just like KFC's chicken.
Can you spot who is on the t-shirt the guy is wearing?
So, if you love KFC so much, now’s the right time to wear your heart on your sleeve and show it to the world. The collection is definitely lit! 

We love the collection as a whole, especially with the use of the iconic red stripes of the KFC bucket that can be seen on several pieces.

Our favourite would definitely be the white and red jackets with Colonel Sander’s face.

We want this!
You'd definitely stand out with this piece.
Imagine wearing anything from that collection and going to KFC. Your life will be a complete circle!

But if you’re planning to buy the collection well there’s a bit of a setback – you’ll have to take a flight to New York or Tokyo.

The collection will drop on 16 November and 23 November in the respective locations. For more info, click here.

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