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Say Goodbye to the Videocasette Recorder

We didn't even realise they were still around...

Say Goodbye to the Videocasette Recorder
Do you remember using this? (Image: Emily Bogner/NPR)
If you grew up before the 2000s, there was a time when a VCR was a must-have in your living room. It was valuable because it got to play all the VHS tapes so you could watch all the movies you might have missed watching in the cinemas.

Just in case you've forgotten what VHS tapes look like (Image:

Well, the VCR is finally meeting its end.

According to BBC via Nikkei, the last VCR in Japan will be produced by the end of the month. For the past 33 years, Funai Electric has been producing VHS-playing VCRs and last year it only sold around 75,000 units. A major decline, considering they used to sell at a peak of 15 million a year.

In an interview with BBC, Tania Loeffler, an analyst at IHS Technology, said that she doesn't see people would want to go back to the quality of VHS tapes, but a niche market that accesses them for archival purposes would mourn the loss of VCRs if they become unavailable. 

With the VCR getting its final nail in the coffin, we wonder what's going to go next (probably phone booths and DVDs).