This Is One 'Haunted' Room In Japan You Don't Want To Stay In

Is your heart ready?

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This Is One 'Haunted' Room In Japan You Don't Want To Stay In
Image: Hotel Universal Port

10/10 won't stay in this hotel room.

The last thing any traveller wants is to check into a hotel room that is secretly haunted, right? 

But what if a hotel purposely creates a 'haunted' hotel room just for you to stay in? What happens then?

In preparation for Halloween, Universal Studios Japan's official hotel, Hotel Universal Port, will be introducing several horror-filled rooms to spook those who are daring enough to spend a night there.

The worst part of it all? The jump scare(s) will happen when you least expect it to.

A live view of our expression right now.
This year's theme is “Switches – The Switch to Terror” and like its name suggests, each room features one switch that you're not supposed to touch. At all. Like, die-die don't touch kind.

Oh, if only life is so easy, right?

Even if you don't intend to push the button because you're a scaredy-cat, you would be 'tricked' into doing it because Hotel Universal Port took the liberty to disguise the switch like an ordinary switch you typically find in a hotel room.

The Japanese words could mean: 'On the switch, then you die'.
The switch you flicked on to turn on the lights in the bathroom? It could be the switch to activate all the horrors the room has in store for you.

Damn sneaky this hotel, we tell you.

Confirm not staying here.
When the switch is flicked on, that's when the horror fest begins; creepy things will start happening, at a time and place you least expect it to.

A face could appear in the mirror when you're brushing your teeth, or blood would start dripping from the ceiling when you're sleeping, or Rosmah would be standing by your bedside watching you sleep; who knows, the possibilities are endless.

At the moment, no one knows what to expect from this year's rooms yet as the theme changes every year, but here's a video a guest took from the hotel's inaugural run in 2015:

Sure, the fake blood and the severed limb may look tacky at first, but we suspect that the true horror happens when it's night time and you're about to go to sleep.

After all, this year's theme is reportedly inspired by the story of a girl who mysteriously vanished from a hotel room in Japan almost ten years ago.

Creeped out yet?

This *could* happen.
The rooms are now available for booking, and this campaign will run 'til 20 December, so there's plenty of time for you to plan a scare-cation to Osaka, Japan, where the hotel is based.

It will set you back around ¥9,500 (RM353) to ‎¥34,500 (RM1,282) per person, per night, depending on how long you feel like getting scared out of your mind. You can book yourself a room by clicking here

Flight tickets to Japan: RM1,600. Hotel room charges: RM1,300. Heart attack: priceless.

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