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Malaysia Will Probably Not Get This Doughnut-Flavoured Soda

Malaysia is forever missing out on things, even when it comes to beverages.

Malaysia Will Probably Not Get This Doughnut-Flavoured Soda
"Would you like an original glazed flavoured doughnut with that?" (Image:

Doughnut flavoured soda? Yup, the USA is getting them. Of course all the yummy cool things happen there and not our country (You know what else we're not getting as well just yet? Pokémon Go).

Anyway, the North Carolina-based doughnut chain, Krispy Kreme, has partnered with Tar Heel State, who's behind the soft drink Cheerwine, which is also another delicious cherry-flavoured drink that you can't find in Malaysia.

(P.S It's not actual wine)


The best part is that Cheerwine is going to launch an original glazed flavour drink that Krispy Kreme is so famous for. Really, who goes to Krispy Kreme and gets other flavours of doughnuts? 


The drink is called Cheerwine Kreme and it's still so 'exclusive' that only certain states (South Carolina, North Carolina and parts of Georgia) can pick it up at stores.

If anyone's heading to these places sometime soon and will be trying it out, let us know whether it's as good as the doughnuts!