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8 Types of Rainbow Food You Can Find in Malaysia

It’s the kind of pot of gold we want to see at the end of the rainbow.

8 Types of Rainbow Food You Can Find in Malaysia
Get ready for a rainbow explosion! (Images: Pisang Kejuk,,, Le Chouette Macaron, Cikedut &
Have you heard about the rainbow craze taking the culinary world by storm? First it was this rainbow bagel in NYC that got EVERYONE lining up for hours. Then, it was the rainbow coffee hype. Yes, you read that right, coffee. Now, it’s the rainbow grilled cheese sandwich that’s trending like crazy. Geez guys, what’s next? Rainbow spaghetti? Or who knows, roti canai rainbow?! Whatever it is, these artsy inventions were meant to tease our taste buds (and eye sight) as it is after all, visually pleasing and Instagram-worthy. 

So, the question is, when will we be able to taste all of these awesome rainbow delights? Your wait is over as we’ve listed down a few rainbow infused foods that you can actually find in Malaysia! So to all hipsters, Instagrammers and food lovers, this one’s for you.

Rainbow Bagels


Yes, ever since The Bagel Store kick started this phenomenon, it’s about time we followed suit. You no longer have to fly half the world away to taste them, as you could just easily get ‘em from Bowery Petit in TTDI. The myriad of colours will get your heartbeat racing and the cream cheese filling really compliments the bagel. The price tag? RM10.90! Not bad, aye.

Rainbow Pudding


#Repost @bysaripdol with @repostapp. ・・・ Kalau batman pon nak sedut, anda bila lagi? @cikedutbysaripdolofficial #cikedutbysaripdol #cikedut

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These guys managed to elevate the art of eating pudding by putting it in a glass jar. How do you eat it? With a straw! Plus, the packaging makes it easier for us to bring it anywhere and eat it. It’s like an on-the-go snack. That’s not only the best part about it, you can get this rainbow explosion in your mouth for only as low as RM5! Puding Sedut Aiskrim by Sarip Dol is relatively easy to find within the Klang Valley or other states, just find their agents to purchase them or you can contact 0183583529/0132668783 to place your order.

Biskut Lidah Kucing


No, it’s not made from a cat’s tongue as the name implies, but it sure tastes as good as cuddling with your cat on a rainy day. These biscuits were quite popular for Hari Raya a few years back and we forsee it making a comeback this year. The arrangement of the colours makes us wanna eat it colour after colour. You can also make them yourself with this recipe or purchase it from this seller for RM18 per jar.

Pisang Goreng Cheese Rainbow


Apart from the culinary world’s obsession with rainbow, we Malaysians have an obsession with cheese. Basically we just LOVE adding cheese to almost everything. So what better way than to marry these two elements into one food called pisang goreng (banana fritters) cheese rainbow. Finding pisang goreng cheese isn’t a challenge but finding rainbow ones might be. You can try finding a few stalls in Klang Valley or get in contact with these guys, Pisang Kejuk. They have outlets not only in KL but also in Johor, Terengganu, and Negeri Sembilan. A new outlet is also coming to Shah Alam soon. Prices start as low as RM5 per box.

Rainbow Cake


Who wouldn’t love the idea of cutting into a cake to find a rainbow in it? We know we do! Rainbow cakes are fairly easy to find at any bakery store or you can even get it custom made by cake bakers all over Malaysia. This is one of the cakes that every rainbow lover should cross off their bucket list. But, if you don’t know where to start to satisfy your rainbow buds, you can start with Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie in KL.

Rainbow Pancake

What better way to start your day than with some wholesome rainbow pancakes! These are practically what unicorns and fairies have for breakfast, after all. You can get your colourful pancake fix at Oh Scooter Café in Subang Jaya for only RM17.

Rainbow Macarons


Packing, Miam!!

A photo posted by Wahdi Farhad Hadithon (@wahdi_le.chouette.macaron) on


Some macarons ordered by Alicia. Merci! (RM70 per box of 20pcs)

A photo posted by Wahdi Farhad Hadithon (@wahdi_le.chouette.macaron) on

Macaron lovers, rejoice! Le Chouette Macaron by Wahdi has taken macarons to a whole new rainbow level! Do we even need any explanation on this?! We just can’t wait to get our hands on it just looking at the pictures. Price may vary according to flavour and quantity, so you can contact them at 016-2126254 to inquire.

Paddle Pop Rainbow


Of course, how could we exclude the mother of all rainbow food in Malaysia? It’s basically THE pioneer for rainbow ice creams and food in our home soil which brings back all of our childhood memories. You gotta give credit to this ice cream that has inspired rainbow infused food creations all over our country. Okay, be right back guys, we’re going out to get some Paddle Pops now.