You Can Soon Upload An Hour-Long Video On Instagram's New App IGTV

There goes your productivity.

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You Can Soon Upload An Hour-Long Video On Instagram's New App IGTV
It seems that Instagram is on a mission to kill off its competitors.

From introducing Insta-stories, which quickly killed Snapchat’s popularity, to enabling multi-photo or video uploads in one post; there’s really no stopping the popular photo sharing app.

And now, they’ve taken a step further by introducing IGTV, a new mobile TV app made to rival the popularity of YouTube.

In a case of severe irony, the app will feature several elements taken from YouTube as well as Snapchat.

Instagram announced that users can soon upload videos with a duration of up to one hour. The app will also highlight popular videos from Instagram celebrities. (Wah, all the Malaysian IG influencers must be screaming with joy).

This is a stark difference compared to your usual Instagram app considering users can only upload videos of up to one minute on their posts, or a maximum of 15 seconds on their IG Stories.
Will you download this app?
Among the other features that will be available on the IGTV app are video recommendations at the bottom of videos, follow functionality, and also a button which can take you to the app from the original Instagram app homepage.

Videos will also reportedly be in vertical and full screen format.

All the influencers, Insta-famous, and vloggers are probably cheering with joy.
According to Forbes, several celebrities have already been confirmed to be on the platform: Kevin Hart, Kim Kardashian West, Selena Gomez, Lele Pons, and Susie Shu, to name a few.

IGTV is already available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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