Here’s How Many Calories Each Hari Raya Dish Has And How You Can Burn It Off

Are you concerned or couldn’t be bothered?

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Here’s How Many Calories Each Hari Raya Dish Has And How You Can Burn It Off
Image:, Azlina Ina Fans Facebook page, and El Mundo Eats YouTube
One of the most glorious food buffets in Malaysia comes only once a year and its none other than Hari Raya food!

We cannot emphasise how much we love the feeling of eating ketupat, lemang, rendang, kuih raya, and many more throughout this festive season.

If we went to 10 houses and they all served the same thing, we wouldn't mind at all! Because after a month of fasting and 11 months of missing the wholesome taste of Hari Raya food, who would, right?

But, as you’re stuffing your face with plates of yummy goodness, do you know how many calories goes into each bite? If you’ve always wondered about it, but don’t really know the answer, we’ve got some answers for you thanks to this report from the Ministry of Health.

But be warned, be prepared to feel guilty and run 20 laps each time you’ve chowed down a plate.

#1 Lemang

We've missed you, lemang!
Ah, your Hari Raya won’t be the same without the iconic glutinous rice cooked in bamboo and with coconut milk. One plate which consists of three pieces of lemang is equivalent to 300 calories! Who knew that little piece of sinful delight would have so much calories?!

TO BURN IT OFF: Run for 42 minutes (women) or 30 minutes (men).

#2 Rendang

We love our rendang spicy!
Please don't make crispy chicken rendang this year, ok?
If the mat salleh always say “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly”, then we Malaysians would say “You’re the rendang to my lemang” because, let’s be honest, a Hari Raya dish wouldn’t be complete without those two. Every 50gm of serving or two small pieces of beef or chicken rendang contain 100 and 130 calories respectively!

TO BURN IT OFF: Cycle for 10 minutes (men), 14 minutes (women) if you had chicken rendang and 13 minutes (men) and 18 minutes (women) if you ate beef rendang.

#3 Ketupat

Are you team ketupat nasi or ketupat palas?
We're team ketupat palas all the way!
Besides lemang, ketupat is also highly favoured during Hari Raya. There’s a few types of ketupat but the most popular ones would be the ketupat nasi and ketupat palas. One serving of ketupat nasi (eight small cubes) is equivalent to 80 calories while one serving of ketupat palas has 130 calories.

TO BURN IT OFF:  Swim for 11 minutes (men) and 15 minutes (women) if you had ketupat nasi or swim for 17 minutes (men) and 24 minutes (women) if you had ketupat palas.

#4 Kuah Kacang

Kuah kacang is bae.
The traditional peanut sauce or kuah kacang is one of the best complimentary dishes out there. You can have it with lemang, ketupat, and even lontong. One serving of kuah kacang has 130 calories! So, if you’re scooping, better limit it to just one. If you took more, than you times lah with 130.

TO BURN IT OFF:  Brisk walk for 52 minutes (men) and 71 minutes (women).

#5 Lontong

We'd do anything to have a bowl of lontong if your mom's cooking!
We personally love lontong very much, so if you’re having it at your house during Hari Raya, please invite us! The creamy santan broth paired with kuah kacang or sambal topped off with some vegetables and nasi impit equals to happiness in a bowl! But one bowl has 260 calories!

TO BURN IT OFF:  Run for 26 minutes (men) and 35 minutes (women)

#6 Pineapple Tart

Who else is obsessed with these pineapple tarts?
One of the OGs of kuih raya, the pineapple tart is a staple in each household during this festive season. It’s so good that sometimes you don’t even realise that you’ve eaten an entire jar while catching up with your family members. Bet you guys thought that one little small tart won’t harm you, but one tart actually has 50 calories. So, if you had one jar… good luck doing the math.

TO BURN IT OFF:  Cycle for 5 minutes (men) and 7 minutes (women)

#7 Semperit

Each year, we'll definitely find and stock up this kuih raya first!
The semperit cookie is also very dangerous during Hari Raya as it is very addictive thanks to its milky taste! It crumbles beautifully in your mouth and you'll most often than not find yourself reaching for more. But be warned, one piece of semperit will give you 40 calories.

TO BURN IT OFF:  Run for 4 minutes (men) and 5 minutes (women)

#8 Wajik & Dodol

Usually the older generation are the ones who like wajik.
We youngsters love dodol more!
Almost everyone knows that these two are also very important on Hari Raya and its even emphasised in the classic Raya song "Suasana Hari Raya". So, how many calories go into these traditional sweet delicacies? One cut (40g) of wajik has 120 calories while one cut (20g) of dodol has 70 calories. *insert surprised emoji*

TO BURN IT OFF: Brisk walk for 48 minutes (men) and 66 minutes (women) if you had wajik and 28 minutes (men) and 38 minutes (women) if you had dodol

So, do you feel guilty after reading this or you couldn’t be bothered at all since Raya comes only once a year? Whatever you wish to do or have during this festive season, make sure you eat moderately and promise yourself to sweat it off once you come back from your hometown!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all our fellow readers. Stay safe!

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