We Finally Know Tun Dr Mahathir's Secret To Good Health

Listen to the old man.

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We Finally Know Tun Dr Mahathir's Secret To Good Health
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is now a hot topic of discussion not just because he became the prime minister of Malaysia for the second time after a historical general election, but also for the fact that he is officially the world's oldest prime minister.

Turning 93 in July, many people have commented on how healthy and sharp he looks compared to some of us who are generations younger than him.

We should probably stop complaining about body aches after jogging for 10 minutes.
Since he is currently visiting Japan for work, a.k.a. the country with the world's oldest population, even the Japanese can't help but talk about his age.

Being trained as a medical doctor, he took this opportunity to share some of his secrets to good health that people both young and old should pay attention to.

The most important thing for Dr Mahathir is to stay physically and mentally active.

He identifies two kinds of ageing process.

"One is chronological, according to the year you have reached and the other is more biological. Sometimes people age faster, sometimes people age much more slowly," he said, as quoted by New Straits Times.

He advised people not to rest even when they grow old.

"If you rest, you will soon become very weak and incapable, and may become senile. Be active after you reach retirement age," he said.

Things that are not used will eventually start deteriorating or stop working, like watches. This is the same concept Dr Mahathir applies in life.

"It is the same as your muscles. If you don’t use your muscles and lie down all the time, the muscles cannot even carry your weight. You cannot stand. You cannot walk," he added.

Admit it, some of us millennials can't even stand or walk as much as he does after a short hike.

"The brain is the same. If you don’t use your brain, you don't think, you don’t solve problems, you don’t read, you don’t write, the brain regresses and you become senile. So always be active," he shared.

Do it more often than you think you're doing.
Listen to the old man and keep using your brain!

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