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You Can Now Afford a Mercedes-Benz Dream Car (Sort Of)

Diclaimer: Afford is not an absolute term and should be taken as a relative term. #duakerja

You Can Now Afford a Mercedes-Benz Dream Car (Sort Of)
That's RM1.03 million in one picture. Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

The C-Class Coupé is the most affordable Dream Car in the Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars Collection. Now Mercedes-Benz doesn't just give any car the 'Dream Car' tag, there is a strict criteria, i.e., it has to look really good and it has to inherently be performance driven (read: a sports range). The three variants launched are the entry C 200, the middle child C 250, and the range topping C 300. It joins the ranks of the hallowed AMG GT S, C 63 S, and S63 Coupé, among others. 

From L-R: The C 200, C 250, and C 300 | Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

Driving it is a dream

Actual driving not shown here. | Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

Vehicles in the Dream Car range are tuned for performance and it's no different in the Coupé. The suspension provides comfort while still providing superior handling through... magic we suppose. We kid, the official technology is called GEW or German Engineering Wizardy. Okay, okay, here it is based on the literature, "A new 4-link front axle with wheel suspension decoupled from the spring strut plays a part in the agile handling characteristics." It comes with a two-litre turbo petrol engine with ascending outputs from the C 200 to the C 300 (184 hp, 211 hp, and 245 hp respectively). That's GEW for ya. 

19-inch AMG multi-spoke alloy wheels on the C 300 | Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

It's a dream to be inside

Dreamy. | Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

There's a reason why Mercedes-Benz has become the best-selling luxury car in Malaysia, and one of the reasons, is its updated looks. Opulent red leather sport seats meets chrome wrapped instruments and hand-stitched leather detailing in the C 300 – winning. Every detail of the insides seemed to have been carefully curated to give you satisfaction as you drive. The C 250 and C 300 also come with Burmester sound system as standard and that tiny touch knob and maps on the touch-screen come standard. 

Burmester sound system. | Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

It's a dream to look at

"Shine bright like a diamond radiator grille." | Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

That diamond radiator grille in the front is the new symbol of status. Plus, that "perfectly proportioned" derier. We suppose maintaining proportions in such a stately car can be tricky, but we like what we see. The suspension is also lowered  at 15 milimetres lower with 18-inch AMG light alloy wheels which gives it a sporty stance. Also, the trunk is cavernous, which means it has the best of both worlds, it's performance driven and it's practical.

Opulent white leather seats contrasts with black. | Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

It's a dream as in I can only afford it in my dreams right?

The panoramic sun roof in the C 300. | Image: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

Prices OTR without insurance are (in ascending order from the C 200, C 250, and C 300) RM308,888, RM333,888, and RM388,888 respectively. BUT Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia is offering a C-Class Coupé financing. Called the Agility Financing package, customers can expect low monthly instalments and protection with comprehensive motor insurance. For example, a three year financing tenur, 20,000 km p.a. mileage with 15% down payment, the C 200 is yours for only RM3,277. The comprehensive motor insurrance is an additional RM262 per month. There are some who would say you should spend no more than 30% of your salaray on your car. Meaning, you'd have to earn RM10,923 a month to safely get this car. Go for it you investment banker/lawyer/doctor/start up mogul you.

For the full specifications, head to where you'll find all the numbers you need to take you from zero to hundred in six seconds – like the C 300 can. 

Here's a short video preview for those of you who need to kind-of look at the real thing: