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South Korean Lifestyle and Culture Right in Sungei Wang!

Seoul is right at our doorstep.

South Korean Lifestyle and Culture Right in Sungei Wang!
If you're a fan of Korean trends, this is the place to be. (Image:

It's not news anymore that South Korean culture and trends have been taking over Malaysia by storm. We've seen thousands of fans flocking to see their favourite K-pop celebrities whenever they hit our shores, and some even try to emulate their fashion sense. People have been raving about the Samyang spicy chicken ramyun and local restaurants have been serving Korean fried chicken and kimchi spaghetti. 


Joining in the Korean culture and lifestyle hype is Located in Sungei Wang (at the main entrance), the outlet presents the best of Korean culture trends under one roof, combining food and fashion. “It is no secret that the world is paying attention and taking a liking to Asian culture, especially in terms of food and fashion. Korean culture is a trend that is still going strong and we are excited to introduce this brand new concept store to Malaysia and further build the hype around all things Korean,” said Derrick Tan, Chairman of Sungei Wang Group during the launch last month.

If you're looking for food...

Jongno Halmeoni Kalguksu Restaurant serves its signature handmade knife-cut noodle soup. Take a look at these and try not to salivate too much! 



There are other delicious foods such as kimchi fried rice and dumplings (which are our personal favourites), but if you're looking for a cold dessert for those hot, humid days, there's the world famous bingsu (shaved ice dessert) in a variety of flavours.

Image: Rojak Daily

If you're looking to level up your fashion… has also brought over the latest accessories from Hongdae (a popular hub for fashion and arts in Seoul) to Kuala Lumpur. Also available in the shop is Incoco nail polish strips, which has made a name in Korea and around the world. Made of 100% nail polish, these strips come in over 200 designs and styles, require no dry time, and can last up to 14 days. 


Rojak Daily also had a chance to film a quick and easy tutorial on how you can put on these nail appliques like a pro!