Nico and Vinz Explain Their Instagram Pictures

The duo talk about their humble beginnings through some of their earliest Instagram photos.

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Nico and Vinz Explain Their Instagram Pictures
Nico and Vinz try our very first Instagram Interviews.

Kahouly Nicolay and Vincent Dery, or as the world knows them, Nico & Vinz, were in Malaysia to perform at the Electric Run Malaysia 2016 and we were given a chance to sit down with the Am I Wrong superstars for an interview. Because nothing can be hidden in the world of social media, we prodded into their past through their personal Instagram accounts to find some interesting pictures. We didn't know what we were looking at so we got them to explain it instead. We showed them four pictures each starting with Nico, and then Vinz. We've got the pictures below and their explanations at the bottom. It's time for the inaugural Instagram Interviews:

Nico explains his Instagram:

His first photo, fried chicken and chips. 


How to keep a black man... Ladies take notes!

A photo posted by Son of drums (@nicosereba) on

"It's like plantains and chicken. I used to be a food blogger – apparently... You know what, that day, I had been drinking the night before. It was actually the first time I blacked out from drinking. I love this dish – love it, love it – but I couldn't eat it because my stomach was just hurting. It was my ex-girl that did this one."

His selfie in the toilet, using an iPad... 

"Whats funny about this picture is that, Vinz and my friend is like darker skinned, and I'm lighter. The picture was actually really dark so you could barely see Vinz and him so I had to expose the picture so it became lighter but that I became totally gone. I became so light. I can't remember where this was, but it was at some show, in the toilet."

That time he climbed up on a basketball hoop and posed. 

"We did a photo shoot for a magazine actually and they had me sit on top of the hoop. I was scared. I can't remember how I got up there, we didn't have a ladder or anything." Vinz adds, "You climbed up actually. You stood up on somebody's – Isaac or somebody – a friend of ours he's taller than me, and I think he (Nico) just climbed on top of his shoulders and dragged himself up."

And then was mauled by a polar bear while being protected by a teddy bear 


Klar for døgnvill i Tromsø! Hvis jeg overlever bjørneangrep og ikke dør av kulde her oppe!

A photo posted by Son of drums (@nicosereba) on

"Damn you really went back man. We performed up in the north in Norway and there they have polar bears and stuff somewhere, I don't know. Yeah I think this was alive once. So I'm just goofing around, pretending that it's killing me, thought it was funny. I wrote 'Ready for døgnvill' which is a festival in Tromsø which is a city that is up north in the country, 'If I survive this bear attack, I hope I don't die of cold out here.'"

Vinz explains his Instagram:

His first photo, a guy holding a bottle of Litchi (looks a lot like laichi) 


A photo posted by Vicious (@officialvinz) on

"This is a friend holding up a Litchi juice. This was the time when we had our first studio and so we're sitting there working hours and hours and he came to the studio one day and he was like 'Have you tried Litchi juice?' and I tried and I felt so good about it that I took a picture of him holding the Litchi juice." Yeah, it's laichi. 

This photo of some yummy yoghurt



A photo posted by Vicious (@officialvinz) on

"Yeah so this was obviously from the times where I didn't have a lot of money so I had to get satisfied quickly, so I had this yoghurt which had a lot of proteins so I could get satisfied quickly, you know? It was probably lunch or dinner. I ate those like crazy. Yeah I stopped eating it, made some money so I stopped eating it."

This nightmare cake from hell


Lol #BrownCake

A photo posted by Vicious (@officialvinz) on

"This cake, I think this was my 23-year-old birthday of something. My friend made this cake. It's supposed to be my face, it's banana chocolate. It's a racist cake. Yeah it was really good. It tasted great!"

This beat up car we're pretty sure isn't road legal anymore


Ill miss you<3 #nofilter

A photo posted by Vicious (@officialvinz) on

"Yes! This car right here – it's a very important car – it's my first car and this is very symbolic of our beginning, of our career. This is the car we would go everywhere with. We would go for late studio sessions and I would drive Nico home and we'd sit on our driveway – us and our manager – plotting like, how can we get from this neighbourhood area to L.A.? The funny thing about this is that, it just fell apart. At some point it wouldn't go anymore so I had to wreck it. I was really sad about it because it had so much sentimental value you know? This car I was driving it even a year after Am I Wrong got released in Norway and it became this huge hit and everything, and so people would see me and I'd still be riding in this car, and it didn't make sense to people like, 'Why is he still driving that car?' to me, I didn't get it at the time, because it was so personal to me." How did he get it? "My mom's best friend gave it to me. She just gave it away for some reason. It was an Opal Corsa, 1998."

We find out later that Nico just got his driving license and Vinz is not looking forward to letting Nico drive him around. The duo are based in L.A. now where Vinz drives a Lexus LS 460 L, a stately car with a lot more room than the Opal. The talented 25-year-olds received a commemorative award for achieving 6 times Platinum status for digital sales in Malaysia at Warner Music Malaysia's office on Monday (9th May 2016). 

For more on Nico & Vinz check out their single That's How You Know feat. Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha:

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