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Soon, There Will Be More Emoji Representing Gender Equality

Have you noticed how current 'professional' emoji only look like men?

Soon, There Will Be More Emoji Representing Gender Equality
Gone are the days when emoji were boring. (Image:

July 17 was World Emoji Day, but we bet you didn't know that the emoji first made its appearance in 2011. Before that, we used to type like this: ":) :D :( :[" to express our emotions (well, we still do). Now, we have not only different smiley faces, but also animals, aliens, ghosts and other colourful symbols.

There are so many people using emoji that even Twitter can pick up which are the most Tweeted emoji according to countries: 

Image: Twitter

It comes as no surprise that the collection keeps expanding. And there are good news especially for women! Google has announced that the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee will be releasing more emoji that will represent them in the future when it comes to professions.

As you already know, the current women emoji are woefully stereotypical:

Image: Google

Whereas men get these cool ones instead:
Image: Google

Soon, there will be 11 new professional emoji in both male and female options with all skin tones. Check them out below. The existing emoji will also get female versions!
Image: Google

Not bad, Google! We're definitely looking forward to the emoji when they come out.