What Steve Jobs Said About Work & Life

Create change in your world with the timeless wisdom of Apple’s iconic pioneer and game-changer.

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  • Tuesday, 9 August 2016
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What Steve Jobs Said About Work & Life
Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Inc. (Image Credit :
Steve Jobs, the trailblazer and contrarian. (Image Credit :
A look at successful figures like the late Steve Jobs of Apple to see how he navigated the work paradigm makes for great inspiration. Jobs, who spearheaded Apple to its zenith, was a controversial figure being a visionary as well as a feared taskmaster.
Lesser seen pic of Steve Jobs by Norman Seef. (Image Credit :
One thing’s for sure, no one can say he didn’t know what he wanted to do or where he wanted to go in his life, work and business endeavours.

Here are 10 of Steve Jobs' most thought-provoking quotes to chew on and be empowered by.

Jobs On Self Belief

Jobs On Change

Jobs On Teamwork

Jobs On Innovation

Jobs On Creativity

Jobs on Focus

Jobs On Setbacks

Jobs on Excellence

Jobs On Moving Forward

Jobs on Fulfilment



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