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The True Twitter Love Story That Might Make You Believe in Love

Fate and destiny still work in the digital age.

The True Twitter Love Story That Might Make You Believe in Love
True love can be found on Twitter after all. (The image above is only for illustration purposes. Image:

Love works in mysterious ways; this is evident in the movies and TV dramas we watch religiously. It gets even stranger when it happens in real life. Take this couple, for instance, who supposedly met 15 years before they knew each other. 

In a time when people spend most of their times with their eyes on their phone screens, you'd think that romance is dying, but that's not the case for Victoria Carlin and Jonathan O'Brien. Back in 2012, Carlin had Tweeted about the social media manager behind @WstonesOxfordSt, who happened to be her future husband (he no longer mans the account).

According to Mashable's interview with O'Brien, the two tweeted back and forth before finally meeting IRL. "One day Victoria came into the shop with doughnuts, I ate them (giving away a very cavalier attitude to food from strangers)," he said in an interview. It had led to a short walk and a date at a cocktail bar, which, according to him, 'is easily the best first date I've ever been on'."

Four years later, the two were married at Islington Town Hall, London, and Carlin (now Mrs O'Brien) posted this tweet that went viral on social media: 

We are now wondering if all our efforts Tweeting to celebrities we love might pay off one day in the form of a wedding ring too.