Chinese New Year Burger Showdown: Burger King Vs McDonald’s

Which burger is the most ‘huat’ one?

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Chinese New Year Burger Showdown: Burger King Vs McDonald’s
Image: Rojak Daily
Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so naturally a lot of companies (including your favourite fast food chains) are offering seasonal items throughout that period.

And we all know it’s a sign of the new lunar year whenever McDonald’s Prosperity Burger comes out, but this time around, Burger King too has debuted their own Chinese New Year burger called the Burger King Double Fortune.

To see who is the real king (heh!) of the CNY burgers, we've decided to put both burgers to the test and see whether the newcomer (Burger King) can beat the OG CNY burger (McDonald’s).

Five criteria were used to determine the winner – taste, size, side order, variety, and value for money.

#1 Taste

The yummy black pepper sauce win liao!The classic Burger King Whopper burger taste.
McDonald’s Prosperity Burger has the distinctive taste that everyone loves, especially the silky black pepper sauce smothered on a tender burger patty.

Burger King’s Double Fortune Double Whopper, on the other hand, tastes, well, exactly like the Whopper burger. You’ve got two succulent beef patties with some salad and sesame seed bun. There's really nothing out of the ordinary.

So, we think you know who’s the clear winner for this.

Winner: McDonald’s Prosperity Burger

#2 Size

First impressions are always important!Look at how thick Burger King's burger is!
When we first took out the Burger King burger from its paper bag, boy, were we in for a big surprise – literally. Just holding the burger itself gave us a sense of might.

McDonald’s burger immediately pales in comparison when you put it right next to Burger King’s. And did we also mention that there are two beef patties instead of one in the Double Fortune burger? This burger was definitely made for those of you with big appetite.

So after this, you don't need to curi your friend's burger anymore in case you don't feel kenyang yet.

Winner: Burger King’s Double Fortune

#3 Side Order

Sorry some of the fries went missing because we were too hungry.
McDonald’s Prosperity Burger comes with the Twister Fries and Orange Prosperity McFizz while Burger King’s comes with one normal fries and any soft drink of your choice.

It’s nice to have some change to your burger sets once in a while, so nothing beats the feeling of looking forward to having Twister Fries compared to your regular fries.

And also, the fries we got from Burger King were a little dry and a little bit hard to swallow. It might differ according to which outlet you go to, but we have to give McDonald's the point for this.

Winner: McDonald’s Prosperity Burger

#4 Variety

More variety, more choices!
Chicken or beef, miss?
Just like the side orders, sometimes it’s also nice to have a wider variety to choose from. Burger King’s Double Fortune comes in three choices – Double Fish‘N Crisp, Double Chicken Whopper, and Double Beef Whopper.

McDonald’s has been offering the same variant for the past few years: Prosperity Beef or Chicken Burger. Frankly, we feel they should mix their variants up a little because it's been the same exact thing and the exact same taste for so many years now.

That is why we actually love it when Burger King introduced the fish burger. Now, you can invite your friends who don’t take meat and eat with you at Burger King!

Winner: Burger King’s Double Fortune

#5 Value For Money

So are you #TeamMcD or #TeamBK?
We know, some of you want to know which burger you can get the most bang for your buck. Well, Burger King’s Double Fortune prices vary according to the type of patty you choose – RM14.50 per set (fish), RM16.80 per set (chicken), and RM18.80 per set (beef).

McDonald’s Prosperity Burger regular sized set is priced at RM16 for both chicken or beef. They also have a double option but only for ala carte, priced at RM17.50 for chicken and beef.

Well, if you’re looking for a meal that’ll make you “feel full the whole day” as what one of our colleagues said, it’s definitely the Double Fortune burger.

For that price, you get a significantly bigger burger, which to be honest, can be shared with two people, and you’ll also get a side order of fries and soft drink.

Winner: Burger King’s Double Fortune


Seriously McDonald's y'all gotta step up the game.
So, who reigns supreme in the battle of the Chinese New Year burgers?

Burger King beats McDonald’s with a score of 3-2! Looks like the king trumped the clown in this leg of our gastronomical adventure. After all, there’s a Chinese saying that goes something like: “All good things come in pairs.”

The size of the burger, the suprising fish burger and most importantly, the value for money from Burger King's Double Fortune are too hard to ignore. We still love McDonald's Prosperity Burger, but after so many years with the same menu, probably it's time for them to switch things up?

Now, which Chinese New Year seasonal burger will you try out first?

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