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10 Things Malaysians Wonder About at a Long Work Conference

"What's going to be served for tea time?"

10 Things Malaysians Wonder About at a Long Work Conference
Long conferences can be a snoozefest. (Original image:

Ah, conferences. 

At some point in your career you'll definitely be asked to go for them. You'll find yourself seated in a big, cold hall surrounded by people who look like they're done with life, while listening to speakers give you either useful information or bore you.

After doing some eavesdropping, we've compiled a list of oh-so-familiar questions Malaysians wonder about at these events.

When you arrive at the hall and meet your fellow participants: Kau parking dekat mana?”

When you sit next to a participant you’ve never met before: Muka macam pernah nampak. Where do you work?” (Even though it's very likely that you've never met them before.)

When the first speaker is about to finish their speech: “When is lunch break?” (Followed by “Lapar”.)

When the speaker is five minutes into his speech:Lamanya dia cakap.”

When the speaker cracks a joke: “… Was that a joke?”

Whenever any speaker take the stage: Siapa dia ni?”

When there’s a pause between switching speakers on stage: “How’s your aunt’s son-in-law’s daughter doing?”

When the fourth speaker is speaking: “Is there a plug point somewhere? My phone’s battery is running out. Actually, do you have a power bank?”

When Q & A is about to start: “Is there a lucky draw? Hadiah apa?”

When the Q&A actually starts: “…”

Have fun at your next conference, folks!