This Local Kopitiam In Ipoh Now Has Robots As Their Waitresses

The future is finally here, Malaysians!

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This Local Kopitiam In Ipoh Now Has Robots As Their Waitresses
Image: Marcus Pheong
As a kid, you were probably promised with visions that as we approach the year 2020, there will be flying cars, hi-tech gadgets, and maybe robots running around doing errands or having actual jobs.

Well, it’s 2018 and there’s definitely no sign of flying cars whatsoever, but our dreams of seeing robots running around carrying out daily tasks have actually come true.

In Malaysia, robots are primarily used in shows or as a spectacle but for one local kopitiam company in Malaysia, they’ve decided that the future is now - by employing robots as their waitresses!

Should we be scared or happy?
Nam Heong Kopitiam
at Ipoh Soho created a buzz when their kopitiam ‘employed’ eight robots to serve their customers. The robots are programmed to send food to customers’ tables via a designated track.

Nam Heong Kopitiam’s assistant manager Jackly Lim told The Star that the robots’ main function is to “bring food to the respective tables” and the robots will greet the customers before asking them to collect the food from the tray.

Once the food has been collected, customers will need to touch a sensor on the robot’s arm for it to return to its designated station.

But we still have to stand up and collect our own food. Hmm.
Besides Ipoh, another outlet in Da Men, Subang also has two of these robots. The cost of the robots were reportedly 30,000 yuan (approximately RM18,467).

If being served by robots has already made you super ecstatic, wait till you hear their names – Dilraba Dilmurat, Hannah Quinlivan, Michelle Reis, Fan Bingbing, and Angelababy, just to name a few. The robots are named after famous Asian celebrities. So, technically, you can now be served by robot 'celebrities'.

The robots are capable of conversing in 36 languages but have only been programmed to speak in only English and Cantonese at the moment.

This actually looks like a scene from 'The Jetsons'.
We know you might be thinking of a thousand worst-case scenarios with these robots but apparently, they are equipped with sensors so that they will not bump into customers and will stop if there are any obstacles ahead of them.

No news whether the robots are waterproof though, so let’s hope that it doesn’t end up spilling coffee on themselves.

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