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7 Common Excuses to Quit the Gym

Too busy, too expensive, too much effort!

7 Common Excuses to Quit the Gym
Are you planning to give up? (Image:

You find yourself joining a gym, getting ready to work out and live a healthy life. Yay! You can do it... until three months later, when you throw in the towel. Goodbye, gym! 

So what are the most common excuses to quit the gym? 

“The fee is too expensive!”

If you’re paying, say, RM150 a month for your gym fees and you only attend it once every two weeks, it’s basically pointless for you to keep your membership. 

“I have no time lah.” 

Because you have to take care of your parents, your husband, kids, pet fishes, cats, and update about your day on Facebook. All of these take time, ‘kay?!

“Got no friend to go with me.” 

To be fair, working out alone without anyone to encourage you is lonely. It also sucks when you have to deal with strangers rudely staring at you. 

“I look the same even though I’ve been working out for two sessions.” 

Like, why does it have to take so long to achieve that perfect figure? 

“The trainers here asyik kacau me to continue my membership/hire a personal trainer.” 

Understandably, a gym’s business does well when their members are loyal and hire personal trainers to help them with their exercises. But it becomes annoying when these trainers keep pressuring them to stay after their membership has lapsed. What’s even worse is when they say things like, “You’ve worked this hard, if you quit now, you will regret it.” Some would even use sympathy by saying, “Please let me train you because I’m not making enough money.” 

“It’s too hard.” 

Lifting weights? Running? Actually moving around? That’s just way too much effort.

“I can do these exercises at home what...” 

After a while, you realise that you don’t need these fancy machines at the gym and can actually watch YouTube videos of trainers teaching you how to do stretches.