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A Guide to Picking the Best Pair of Glasses

Your glasses are a long-term commitment, so choose wisely!

A Guide to Picking the Best Pair of Glasses
Your glasses should make you look good. (Image: Dazed Korea)
Is it that time of the year to buy a new pair of glasses? You’d be surprised at how a pair of them can change the way you look, and it sure is not an easy decision to make when you’ll be wearing them most of the time—maybe for years to come! 

Here are a few things to consider for those who’re looking to find the perfect pair (from Cosmopolitan and All About Vision):

The shape

The shape of the frame must contrast with your face shape (e.g if your face is round, angular glasses might suit you better).

The frame size

Sometimes, the frame size might either be too small or too little, so be sure to pick one that won't overwhelm or underwhelm your face.  

The colour

Pick a colour that matches your features. This is a very subjective (and a tricky!) decision. Only you can decide what looks really good. Sometimes the colour may look good with your face, but you might not personally like it yourself. 


Your best feature

Your eyewear should bring out your personal best feature (e.g If you have green eyes, consider buying green glasses). 

Having a visual guide

Check out this nifty illustration of face shapes and the right glasses for them: