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Is Selfie a Modern Day Killer?

Taking a selfie? It may be your last.

Is Selfie a Modern Day Killer?
Be careful while taking selfies! (Image:

Taking a selfie with your friends might be amusing to you (and annoying to others who have to layan your 1,239,810,923 pictures on Instagram), but this fun-looking activity can turn ugly. This month in Kuala Besut, five university students fell down a 24-metre deep ravine while doing just that. Fortunately, they didn't die, unlike the people on our list.

Take a look at some of these cases. They're pretty freaky, because who would’ve known it could happen? 

Killed While Taking a Selfie in Front of an Oncoming Train


A teenager in Chennai, India was run over by a passenger train after he stepped onto the railway tracks to take a picture of himself. The boy was walking home with friends on a Sunday evening.

Killed While Taking a Selfie at the Beautiful Taj Mahal


While trying to take a picture of himself, a Japanese tourist slipped down a staircase at the Taj Mahal. The man was unconscious after the fall and succumbed to head injuries at the hospital.

Killed While Taking a Selfie with Rampaging Bulls


During a festival that has the tradition of getting people to run in front of a herd of bulls, a man was killed after being attacked by one of the animals. Leaving the protected area for spectators to move to the centre of the bull running area, he had his back to them while filming the bull run and didn’t see one coming at him. 

Killed While Taking a Selfie on a Boat 


It was supposed to be a peaceful and quaint picnic for 10 youngsters who went to Mangrul Lake, India. Seven of the youths went on a local boat to take pictures of each other. Just as they were doing that, the boat tilted and they fell into the lake, and drowned. 

Killed While Taking a Selfie and Holding a Gun


A 43-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the face while taking a picture of himself holding a gun. He had done this a number of times before, and had always unloaded bullets. This time, however, a bullet remained in the gun when he fired.