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[QUIZ] How Annoying Of A Malaysian Are You Really?

Ever wondered how exasperating your inbred Malaysian habits are? Take this quiz!

[QUIZ] How Annoying Of A Malaysian Are You Really?
What? Us, Malaysians, annoying? No lah! Where got? As much as we love being in denial, we have to admit that as Malaysians, we have a couple of inherent traits that could be pretty exasperating.

Be it our irrevocable love for food, our intense pride in the Petronas Twin Towers, or our excitement when it comes to free gifts, we can get quite irritating. And let’s not even start on our remarkable driving skills. 

We at Rojak Daily care deeply for you, and have come up with this quiz for you to see exactly how annoying you really are. No, you won’t receive a free Uber ride at the end of this, nor will you get 5% off on your next visit to that fast food outlet. 

Kindly read the question thoroughly and pick an answer that actually depicts something that you would do, not what an ideal version of yourself would do: