Are You Tough Enough To Become Malaysia's Toughest?

It's not just about having physical strength.

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Are You Tough Enough To Become Malaysia's Toughest?
Image: KIX HD
What does being "tough" mean to you?
The first thing that comes to your mind is probably muscles, muscles, and more muscles.
But there is a lot more to toughness besides merely having physical strength. You’ll be surprise how mental endurance and emotional resilience can push a person through even the toughest challenges and obstacles.
And here is your chance to prove it!
R U Tough Enough? is back again for the fourth year, hosted by returning ambassador, international mixed martial arts (MMA) champion Peter Davis.
How many push-ups do you think Peter Davis can do?
Past winners of R U Tough Enough? have demonstrated how toughness can come from all walks of life and anyone has the ability to push past any limit because - let’s all say it together now: when there’s a will, there’s a way!
Presented by KIX HD, this year’s R U Tough Enough? The Ultimate Edition is on the lookout for 10 new contestants to compete in the most epic toughness showdown.
Each contestant will have to face a series of challenges that will test their physical, mental and emotional limits. The winner will be crowned “Malaysia’s Toughest” for 2017 and win up to RM30,000.
But there’s another twist.
The newly-crowned winner for this year will have to compete in a bonus round challenge together with the winners from the past series – Dinesh Jared Sundram (2014), DG Leoniel (2015) and Benny Yeoh (2016).
Winner of the 2014 'R U Tough Enough?' Dinesh Jared Sundram is an international school teacher.Can you beat the 2015 champion, flight attendant-turned pastry chef DG Leoniel?Winner of the 2016 competition, fitness instructor Benny Yeoh will probably push you to do 100 push-ups in a minute.
So who will become The Ultimate Winner of R U Tough Enough?
The competition is open to all Malaysian residents aged 18 and above starting from today onwards. You can register and apply online at the official website.
Only those who are shortlisted will then be invited for a closed door audition in October and finally, 10 successful finalists will proceed to compete in the final showdown at Sunway Pyramid on 26 November.
For more details or the latest news and updates, follow KIX HD on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and find out who will be Malaysia’s ultimate toughest champion!

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