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The New Mini Clubman Launched in Malaysia retailing from RM203,888

MINI is going MAXI, taking on the likes of the Volkswagen Golf.

The New Mini Clubman Launched in Malaysia retailing from RM203,888
Party in the Club... Man! | Image:

The new MINI Clubman is one of the best-selling MINIs to date with a reported surplus in demand overseas. Here are five things you need to know about the Malaysian-variant:

1. It has 6 doors now


The first generation R55 had two front-passenger doors and a suicide door that opens from the right only making it a two-and-a-half-door hatchback. In its latest departure towards practicality, you now have four sensible doors and two wagon doors in the rear which is still a strong #throwback move. 

2. It's longer by 293mm


When it comes to cars, size does matter. It is now 4.2 metres long and 1.8 metres wide, about 29.3cm and 11.6cm longer and wider respectively. This offers more legroom and shoulder room and positions directly in the Volkswagen Golf territory. 


3. You can kick its backside to get its rear open


Don't you hate it when your hands are full and can't reach out to open the boot? Well don't you worry your pretty little head anymore! With the all-new Comfort Access keyless entry package, you'll get the Easy Opener hands-free operation which allows you to open the cargo doors by giving your MINI a swift kick under the bum! That's an odd metaphor for life but don't think too hard about that... moving on! 


4. There are 8 gears now

Yeah just imagine all of this, but on the right. | Image:

As in there's a 8-step automatic Steptronic gearbox adapted from the BMW – a first for any MINI. How does it affect the drive you ask? Well, we don't know. Maybe lend us a Clubman for the weekend and we'll let you know. *wink. 


5. It retails from RM203,888

MINI in the front, MAXI in the back. | Image:

You can probably get a fair price for your kidneys on the black market. People on Korean dramas are always handing out their organs to loved ones, so how many internal organs do you really need? Go get yourself the prestige that comes with owning a MINI. So anyway, the Clubman is priced at RM203,888 while the S Clubman retails at RM253,888 both on-the-road without insurance prices.