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Pandelela Rinong Looks So Hot In This Fashion Shoot, You Won’t Even Recognise Her

Not even 10 swimming pools can put out the hot vibes this national diver is giving off.

Pandelela Rinong Looks So Hot In This Fashion Shoot, You Won’t Even Recognise Her
Images: Malaysia Tatler
On Wednesday, photos of a local young lady looking all dolled-up in a high-fashion photoshoot went viral on various social media platform. It wasn’t because of how pretty or how expensive her clothes were, it was because no one expected this particular person to look so good in a high-fashion shoot.

If you were one of those people who had to give the photos a second look, don’t worry you were not alone. You might be wondering “why does she look so familiar?”

Well it’s because she’s none other than our very own Olympic-medalist national diver, Pandelela Rinong.

Slay girl, slay.This girl is on fire!
Her photoshoot is definitely lit *wipes sweat*
Pandelela's new look is a far cry from the one we're so use to seeing on a 10 metre spring board. Her sleek hairstyle, contoured-faced, and chic ensemble made waves on social media after Malaysia Tatler introduced her on the cover of their August issue.

In an accompanying interview with the publication, she dished out on the ugly reality of being a public figure after some people left nasty comments on her Facebook page, especially after she appears in the media or photoshoots.

Among the unpleasant commentary directed to her were “Oh, you’re not a model, stop trying to be one,” or “Oh, stop putting on makeup, you should concentrate on diving and not dressing up.”

“Maybe they forget that I’m a girl. People always watch me anyway, and are curious about what I do, so I guess I just have to be extra careful. For me, it’s OK. I try not to let it affect me. Of course I will be upset for awhile, but I get over it. Usually I share about it with my friends and teammates and we end up laughing it off,” Pandelela told Malaysia Tatler.

Maybe she can consider modelling after retiring from sports.
Don’t worry girl, they’re just probably jealous that they don’t have nice Olympic medals decorating their house or a lifetime pension plan.

Keep doing you, and just so you know, you’re doing amazing!

Keep up the good work, love.
Pandelela will also be competing in the upcoming KL SEA Games. We wish her all the best and may she give those haters a splashing performance!