These Kind-Hearted Malaysians Offer Unlimited Free Refills Of Food At Their Stall

Yes, good people still exist!

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These Kind-Hearted Malaysians Offer Unlimited Free Refills Of Food At Their Stall
We know how hard it can be for some Malaysians to make ends meet especially in our fluctuating economy. Everyone tries to stretch their Ringgit and make the most of it while others are forced to cut corners in order to survive.

And that's exactly the reason why this Malaysian couple decided to do one of the most noble things ever – offer free unlimited refills of food at their food stall.

Meet Mohd. Rizal Ghazali and his wife, Saadiah Abdul Aziz who operate a food stall in Marang, Terengganu named “Master Cendol Restoran Tambah Percuma.”

Rizal was very adamant in making sure that his customers leave his stall happily knowing that they've made the most with their money.

"All my food items are reasonably priced, as I intend to cater to the masses who are trying to cope with the rising cost of living these days,” Rizal told the New Straits Times in an interview.

"The unlimited free refill is to ensure that every ringgit spent at my food stall is worth the value. If they want a refill, all they need to do is pass their plates or bowls to our restaurant helpers who are more than willing to help them," he added.

Customers will have to pay for the first dish at a reasonable amount and they can freely refill their plate after that. The free refill though is only applied to certain dishes.

So, what are the dishes that diners can enjoy free unlimited refills?

The items are pasembor and Penang laksa (RM3 each), chicken/fish fried rice (RM4) -- although the refill for this dish is only applicable to the fried rice only-- cendol (RM2), and hot or iced tea (RM1).

Imagine getting unlimited supply of cendol on a hot, sunny day!
Now that sounds like an unlimited three-course meal to us! Definitely worth the trip to Terengganu.

Other items are still priced reasonably as Rizal knows that a lot of people are affected by the increasing cost of living.

The food stall that's been operating since February this year is a hit among locals and tourists from other states, especially on weekends and public holidays. So, plan your journey ahead to avoid the crowds!

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