This Airlines' Cabin Crew Uniform Looks Like It Came Straight Out Of A Fashion Show

Taking high fashion literally up high into the sky!

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This Airlines' Cabin Crew Uniform Looks Like It Came Straight Out Of A Fashion Show
Images: Hainan Airlines
Everyone knows that a uniform marks the identity of a company, especially when it comes to airlines. A distinctive identity in their uniform will help set them apart from the other airlines out there.

We’ve seen plenty of uniforms that look great, several which looks almost too comfortable, while others…well, let's just say that they might want to reconsider hiring another designer.

But for this Chinese airline, they have elevated their cabin crew’s uniform game to new heights. They literally stepped up their game and now their uniform looks pretty LIT!

This look like something out of a magazine.Who wouldn't feel fabulous in this outfit for work?
It’s so lit, it looked like their cabin crew just catwalked out of a fashion show and straight into the aircraft.

Well, it might be true as the couture uniforms made their debut during the Paris Couture Week recently.

Hainan Airlines have collaborated with fashion designer Lawrence Xu to produce haute couture uniforms for the airline which sent them flying into the fashion world’s radars.

Photos of their uniform made rounds on the internet and soon a lot of people were expressing their admiration for the uniforms.
The collaboration paid homage to the airlines’ Chinese roots by using the traditional cheongsam as inspiration, as well as oriental motives with some Western twists.

Ready to serve you looks and tea.
Working it on and off the aircraft runway.
Well to be honest, when we first saw the uniforms, we thought that they looked like a couple of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic students with their chauffeurs making their way to Hogwarts to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.

Spot the resemblance.
Who knows, maybe Lawrence Xu is also secretly a Harry Potter fan?

After looking at their exquisitely designed uniforms, we bet a lot of you out there are starting to look for vacancies as a cabin crew member for Hainan Airlines.  Don’t lie ah!

Well, we wonder how Malaysia Airlines’ uniform would look like it if it had a couture twist to it. Any designers up for the challenge?

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