This Revolutionary Toothbrush Helps You Brush Your Teeth Perfectly In 10 Seconds

Imagine all the time you'll save!

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This Revolutionary Toothbrush Helps You Brush Your Teeth Perfectly In 10 Seconds
Image: Amabrush
How many times have you avoided brushing your teeth before you sleep because you’re just too tired?
Just admit it, we’ve all done it before, maybe one too many times more than we want people to know.
Think about it for a second. Brushing your teeth requires you to squeeze, scrub, gargle, spit, rinse, and repeat every morning and evening. An average person would spend a few minutes a day doing that.
Now, it may not seem like a lot of time wasted but it actually adds up to more than 100 days’ worth of time spent in your entire lifetime just brushing your teeth!
So a group of entrepreneurs based in Austria, Germany and the United States decided to come up with a device that could potentially solve all your toothbrushing woes.
Introducing the Amabrush.
It definitely doesn't look like your regular toothbrush.
The Amabrush is the world’s first fully automatic toothbrush that claims to brush all your teeth in just 10 seconds. All it takes is the push of a button, wait 10 seconds, spit, rinse, and you’ll have perfectly clean teeth!
Imagine all the hours you’re going to save with this device.
And the best part about the Amabrush is you can use it completely hands-free!

How does this revolutionary toothbrush work?

Shaped almost like a mouth guard, the Amabrush is made out of three parts – the mouthpiece, handpiece and toothpaste capsules.
Maybe we should invest in one and save all the time.
The flexible mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone that can kill 99% of all bacteria to keep it clean.
The bristles are arranged at a 45-degree angle on both sides to help you all your teeth at one go. This simulates the Bass method, which is recommended by dentists and experts.
Don’t worry, the bristles are soft enough to make sure not to cause damage to your gums but still strong enough to clean your teeth effectively.
The toothpaste supply should last you for about one month.
With the push of a button, a built-in mechanism would foam up and dispense the right amount of toothpaste. The handpiece would simultaneously create strong vibrations to oscillate the bristles and clean your teeth.
They kinda look like alien teeth.
The battery can last for up to 28 toothbrushing sessions on a single charge. So you can go on your holidays and still brush your teeth twice a day for two weeks without charging!
But if you’re going on longer trips, you can use your regular wireless smartphone charger to charge the Amabrush because it contains a low-energy wireless charging module (Qi).

But is 10 seconds long enough to clean your teeth effectively?

The reason the Amabrush claims to be more effective than a regular toothbrush lies in this explanation they gave in the product’s Kickstarter page.
A dream come true for people who find brushing teeth annoying.
“An adult’s mouth contains 32 teeth, and each tooth has three visible surfaces to clean. So each time you brush your teeth, you have to clean 96 surfaces.
“With a regular toothbrush, you should brush for at least 120 seconds. This allows you to clean each surface for just 1.25 seconds.
“With Amabrush, every surface is cleaned for 10 seconds because all teeth are brushed simultaneously. This means every surface gets brushed eight times longer and the total toothbrushing duration is 12 times lower (10 seconds instead of 120 seconds).”

How can the mouthpiece be one-size-fits-all?

The mouthpiece can be easily cleaned like bristles from your average toothbrush.
The company claims to have analysed more than 2,000 different jaws from adult males and females, and have created the mouthpiece made out of flexible material that fits every jaw with no abnormal teeth displacements.

And you can even share the Amabrush with your loved ones!

But not the mouthpiece, of course, because that’s just unhygienic!
You can share the same handpiece with other members of your household. Simply remove the connecting magnet and swap with your own mouthpiece to save cost.
The mouthpiece and handpiece are connected with a magnet.
Speaking of cost, the basic Amabrush model is priced at about €79 (RM387) and comes with a mouthpiece, handpiece, toothpaste capsule, and basic charger.
The Amabrush Pro, which comes with two additional toothpaste capsules and a wireless charging station costs €199 (RM975) or €99 (RM485) if you buy it on Kickstarter.
The mouthpiece, which must be replaced every three to six months, will set you back €6 (RM29) and the replacement toothpaste will cost €3 (RM14).
The Amabrush sitting on its wireless charging station.
So if you’re interested to get this automatic toothbrush to give you more time to do more important things in life, give the Amabrush a go!

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