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5 Of Klang Valley’s Hottest Parking ‘Saman’ Spots (And How To Avoid Them)

From the worst times to double park, to the best places to park instead, we've got you covered.

5 Of Klang Valley’s Hottest Parking ‘Saman’ Spots (And How To Avoid Them)
Image: Rojak Daily

Is your glove compartment piling up with unpaid samans? This list is for you.  

Not every parking spot is made equal. In some locations your car can be left alone for days without a parking ticket while in some others, leaving your car for five minutes will result in a parking ticket. We've gone out into some of the hottest spaces in the Klang Valley to find out which ares receive the most parking tickets and at what times.

This means that yes, we walked from shop to shop asking the shop keepers what are the hottest times for the tickets to show up. 

This list is not exhaustive and is part of an on-going effort to ease our city’s congestion. Check back again from time to time as we will be adding more places and more parking alternatives. If you’d like to contribute to our list, email

Damansara Uptown

Parking Saman Meter: 5/5
Saman frequency: 5/5 

Hottest saman times: 9am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm

Tow trucks: Yes

Council: MBPJ

A police car with a loud speaker will drive around warning people to move their cars once a day and tow trucks are often seen outside of Jalan SS21/39 (Texas Chicken). Don’t park on the road opposite Wondermilk either; your car will be towed.

Park here instead:

Uptown 7, Jalan SS21/39
1,400 parking bays
Visitor parking starts at level 5 to level 10. The stairways are stinky, so take the elevator. It is an autopay carpark so pay before you exit.
6am – 7pm (Monday – Friday) RM1 first hour / RM1 per hour 2nd and 3rd hour/ RM3 per hour 4th hour above
7pm – 6am (Monday – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) 1st hour FREE/ RM1 per hour for 2nd and 3rd hour/ RM2 per hour 4th hour and above
Uptown 1, 2, & 5

Visitor parking is available in all of these buildings as well with the same parking rates. NOTE that parking hours are 6am – 10pm everyday and the exit CLOSES at midnight.
Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) RM3 first hour / RM3 subsequent hour
Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays RM3 per entry
After 6pm RM3 per entry

The Starling, Entrance from LDP at Maybank

The mall is officially opened! Not everything is done but the parking is fully opened to those of us who don’t want to get ticketed.
Everyday 1st hour FREE/ RM1 per hour 2nd and 3rd hour/ RM2 per hour 4th hour above
Premier Parking Rates (Basement 1) RM5 first two hours/ RM2 subsequent hour
Valet Parking RM10 first w hours/ RM2 subsequent hour

USJ Taipan

Parking Saman Meter: 3/5
Saman frequency: 3/5

Hottest saman times: 9.30am – 2pm

Tow trucks: Yes

Council: MPSJ

Surprisingly, Taipan is not the hottest area for you to get summonses. The council reps come twice a day, consistently. And they mostly target double parkers and yellow line parkers. So make sure your ticket is paid up to 2pm and your car will be left alone. 

Park here instead:

SCP Parking, Jalan USJ 10/1D 

There are four floors in total (the roof is blocked) to park in. Be warned, there are no elevators and the stairs are a little dodgy.   
7am – 6pm (Monday – Friday) RM2 first hour / RM1 subsequent hour
7am – 3pm (Saturday) RM2 first hour / RM1 subsequent hour
6pm – 7am (Monday – Friday) RM2 flat rate
3pm – 7am (Saturday) RM2 flat rate
Sundays and Public Holiday RM2 flat rate
  Drive-by 15 minutes

It’s conveniently located (opposite McDonald’s) but it is expensive and can be full a lot of the time.
After 4pm (Daily) RM4 flat rate
Before 11am (Daily) RM8 flat rate
11am – 4pm (Daily) RM3.50 first hour/ RM2.50 subsequent hour
Maximum rate per day RM16


Parking Saman Meter: 3/5
Saman frequency: 3/5

Hottest saman times: 11am – 2pm

Tow Trucks: No

Council: MPSJ

The local council comes only once a day to saman. But apparently it is the most frequent during lunch hours. There are no warnings before the saman so be on your toes. 

Park here instead:

SS15 MPSJ Multi-storey Car Park
As of June 8, the complex looks pretty much the same.
This was projected to finish on 7 May 2017 and cost RM11.1 million. The date was then moved to June. As of 8 June, the fencing on the ground floor and the area surrounding it was still not done. Chances are slim for it to finish in June.

Excel Parking (Asia Café)

Expensive with very limited parking space available. It has also increased in price from a year ago. 
7am – 5pm (Everyday) RM2.20 First Hour / RM2.20 Subsequent Hour
5pm – 7am (Everyday) RM1 First Hour / RM2 Subsequent Hour/ RM3 The Next Subsequent Hour
Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS15/8

The residential/commercial tower comes with a little more security if you’re worried about the open air carparks. The rates are also surprisingly reasonable considering the alternative. 
7am – 7pm (Monday – Friday) RM1.50 first hour / RM1 subsequent hour
7pm – 2am (Monday – Friday) RM3 flat rate
Saturday RM3 flat rate
Sunday and Public Holiday RM4 flat rate
Season Pass RM150


Parking Saman Meter: 9000/5
Saman frequency
: Over 9,000!!

Hottest saman times: 10am, 12pm, 3pm, 4pm

Tow trucks: No

Clamping: Yes! 

Council: DBKL

Jalan Telawi is a mad house of parking tickets. It is also a spot for rampant clamping these days. Do not park on the shoulders of roads. Police have also been known to saman and they will saman at night. Their targets are people who park on the yellow line. Don’t park on the yellow line. Repeat: police will saman at night.

Park here instead:

Bangsar Selera
7am onwards (Every day) RM1.5 per hour
Bangsar Village II
7am onwards (Monday – Friday) RM2 first hour / RM2 subsequent hour
7am onwards (Saturday and Sunday) RM3 first hour / RM2.50 subsequent hour
Bangsar Village I
7am onwards (Monday – Friday) RM2.5 first hour / RM1.5 subsequent half-hour
7am onwards (Saturday and Sunday) RM3 first hour / RM2.50 subsequent hour

Valet Service (if you just have too much money)
10.30am – 10.30pm (Monday – Friday) RM12 first hour / RM4 subsequent hour
10.30am – 10.30pm (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday) RM14 first hour / RM4 subsequent hour


Parking Saman Meter: 3/5
Saman frequency
: 3/5 

Hottest saman times: 8am, 10am, 2pm

Tow truck: No

Council: MBPJ

This is a place where a man once died fighting for a parking space. They saman twice a day and reports say they patrol the area throughout the day. 

Park here instead:

That Open Air Carpark Thing, Jalan SS2/67
Disclaimer: empty lot is for illustration purposes only.
It’s RM3 per day. As long as there’s someone there to collect your money, it’s RM3 per day.


Worry not, if you’ve had a shiny new ticket dumped on your windscreen, here’s how you can pay:

Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ)
  • How do I check and pay my saman online?
Click here to check and pay online with a credit card. Just enter your I.C. number and prepare for the heart attack. Also, if you’ve gotten a court order, you can’t pay online. Also, you’d want to go pay at the office because – ahem – reasons.
  • What’s the address?
There are two locations within PJ New Town and both settle different kinds of samans:
Menara MBPJ, Jalan Tengah, 64200, P.J.
Go up to level 3 to pay. CASH ONLY
Ibu Pejabat MBPJ, Jalan Yong Shook Lin
On the ground floor, turn left and look for sour faces waiting to pay and you’ve got the right place. CASH AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENT. Also, there’s a drive-thru!
Opening hours: 8.30am – 4pm drive-thru
Opening hours: 8.30 – 5pm main office
  • How do I get a monthly pass?
You can purchase a monthly pass here for RM100. Not sure why they need agents, and diving into the MBPJ site is like diving into quicksand naked while covered in fire-ants.

Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ)
  • How do I check and pay my saman online?
Click here to check and pay online with a credit card. Enter your I.C. number and pray to whatever God you believe in. By far the best council website.
  • What’s the address?
Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, Persiaran Perpaduan Jalan USJ 5, 47610, Subang Jaya
Enter through Gate C if you want to park your car and there’s a drive-thru service if you just want to pay the summonses and go.
Opening hours: 9am – 4pm Drive-thru
Opening hours: 9am – 6pm Office
  • How do I get a monthly pass?
Download the form for a monthly pass here and pay RM80, or go through an agent here which is easier. It’s getting clearer why someone would rather go through an agent.

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL)
  • How do I check and pay my saman online?
Click here to check only. To pay, sign up here for a MyEG account and pay online with a credit card. Actually, just sign up for the MyEG account and skip the DBKL website. Why bother with just checking without the ability to do anything about it? Why make it so difficult? Maybe they don’t really want us to pay.
  • What’s the address?
Menara DBKL, Jalan Raja Laut, City Centre, 50350 Kuala Lumpur
From what we gather at DBKL’s website, the payment counter is on the ground floor.
Opening hours Main office: 7.30am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)
Opening hours Main office:  8.00am – 1pm (Saturday, second, fourth and fifth week)
Opening hours Drive-thru: 7.30am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)
  • How do I get a monthly pass?
Get a monthly pass here for RM85 not inclusive of GST for Bangsar area only. With KL you have to pick your location (outside or inside the city centre) and pick your duration. A rate will then be quoted. Once again, purchase through an agent. What are these agents getting in return?

There are so many more places where you can get a parking ticket in the Klang Valley and this is just the beginning. Please write to us and we can add more places to this list and also more alternative parking spots. Let's do our part, lessen the congestion around these areas and empty our gloveboxes of parking tickets!