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Check Out the World's Tiniest (and Cutest) Working Kitchen

Learn how to cook from Mimine Miniature, the tiniest kitchen on the web.

Check Out the World's Tiniest (and Cutest) Working Kitchen
Image: Mimine Miniature

Before you ask, yes, everything you see in the kitchen is functional. From the sink, to the oven, to the tiny little drawers. Everything is handmade from scratch, some with clay, some with wood and other materials. We'd give you more details, but Korean wasn't one of the languages taught in our school. As such, this will be less an informative post and more of a "oh for crying out loud, that thing is so cute I can die" kind of posts. 

Just look at that tiny Krispy Kreme box and tiny donuts. Seriously.

Image: Facebook Mimine Miniature

We contemplated for a second the idea that she might have actually grown a tiny little turkey in her lab somewhere. Don't freak out, it's just molded from chicken breast. 

Image: Facebook Mimine Miniature

Yes, that blender works. It was made from scratch. Now it blends miniature orange peels for... miniature people. Thumbelina must be real. 

Image: Facebook Mimine Miniature

If she actually filled each tiny egg with actual egg yolks, we're officially done. We cannot.

Image: Facebook Mimine Miniature

Is that... tiny bacon and eggs, cooking on a tiny pan... on top of Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle?! 

Image: Facebook Mimine Miniature

Oven baked pizza!? We're out. That's it. 

Image: Facebook Mimine Miniature

If you're still not impressed, you can watch the full video here. Be warned though, your heart might not be ready to endure just how adorable cooking on a minuscule scale can be.

Here's the one with the bacon:

Miniature turkey:

How about some fried chicken:

For tutorials of some her designs, you can visit her blog and for more of her videos, head to her YouTube channel or her Facebook page.