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Numbers Play a Bigger Role in Your Life Than You Thought

What's your lucky number?

Numbers Play a Bigger Role in Your Life Than You Thought
Do you see any meaning behind numbers? (Image:
Have you ever had someone tell you that you should stay away from number four when picking out a number plate for your car? Find out other beliefs around numbers below: 


This number is used a lot especially in religion. Some examples are the seven levels of Heaven and Hell in Islam, seven Lucky Gods in Japan. Number seven is also predominant in our lives: there are seven colours of rainbows, seven days in a week, and so forth. According to a poll, 30,000 people voted it as their favourite number.



Considered a lucky number in many Asian cultures, the number eight is especially valued highly by Chinese. The Summer Olympics in Beijing happened on August 8, 2008 and started at 8.08pm (local time). There are areas in China where people would actually pay more money to get a telephone number with ‘8’ in it. Residences on eighth floor of buildings are also favoured.



This is considered as an unlucky number in parts of Asia such as China, Japan and even in our own abode. People take this superstition so seriously that there are many buildings in China that skip the fourth floor. Car buyers avoid picking out a license  plate with the number four for fear of having their vehicle 'cursed'. This kind of fear is called Tetraphobia.



In Zoroastrianism, the 13th day of the year is seen as a day when evil might cause difficulties to people. In Christianity, there were 13 people at the Last Supper and Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th man to join the table. Friday the 13th is also considered as unlucky in Western superstition. 



Similar to the above, some Italians are superstitious about Friday the 17th because when the Roman numeral XVII is rearranged to ‘VIXI’, it can be translated from Latin to mean “My life is over”.  Not so sweet 17 after all, huh?

Odd and even numbers

There’s a belief that even numbers are unlucky, and odd ones are not, making the former a good pick for gamblers.