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5 Things Malaysia Has Banned Over Cultural Sensitivities

Do you wish they weren't banned?

5 Things Malaysia Has Banned Over Cultural Sensitivities
Is your sensitivity challenged? (Image:

Censorship has always been a big deal here and it doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon. Take a look at some things that have been banned in the past:

Ke$ha’s concert

Back in 2013, singer-songwriter Ke$ha was slated to perform in Kuala Lumpur, only to have her concert cancelled when the authorities decided that cultural and religious sensitivities would be harmed because of it. Prior to the cancellation, the artiste and her team had agreed to change the lyrics and her wardrobe. Event organiser, Livescape, lost RM 1.1 million because of the ban.



50 Shades of Grey Movie

The movie adaptation of E.L. James’ best-seller was found unacceptable for the country for its sexual content. However, the book is still available in stores. 


A Singaporean Ballet Troupe

Four years ago, Malaysia banned a dance troupe from Singapore because of their indecent tutus and tights.


Thirst 2015: We Are All Stardust Concert

The event was banned after an outcry from lawmakers and the public.


Ultraman comic book

An edition of Ultraman: The Ultra Power was banned for containing elements that could potentially threaten public security and morals.