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What's the Big Deal About Cherry Blossoms?

They're so popular, there's even a forecast to find out when they'll bloom!

What's the Big Deal About Cherry Blossoms?
An eye-catching cherry blossom tree (Image:

April is when a swarm of tourists will head to countries such as Japan, China and South Korea to witness the cherry blossoms making a mass appearance. It’s also that time of the year when you’ll find your Facebook feed being swamped by your friends’ pictures travelling to these places to catch them. The hype can get extreme, though, as there are tourists who would kick and climb cherry blossom trees to take the perfect photograph.

The flower is pretty much everywhere now.

It has made appearances in several songs...


 ... In a number of anime and movies.

Image: Tumblr

... On McDonald’s menu (We know! What even?)


... And as a seasonal drink at Starbucks!


The flower is such an important tourism icon that there are even forecasts for travellers to plan their trip. The craze around them can be extreme, though, as tourists have been reported vandalising the trees to make the flowers fall to take the perfect selfie.

But did you know that these beautiful flowers have cultural symbolism behind them?